Friday, December 17, 2010

Crazy Call Conspiracy Theory

Last night my hubby comes home from work and said he got an odd call. Naturally this make me curious so I prodded him to continue with the story. Evidently, somehow, a Company (who will remain nameless... only because I can't remember which one it was right now) selling testing devices for Diabetics called him and left a message but didn't say who it was or who the call was for. When he called the number back he told the call receiver that he had gotten a message from that number and he was trying to return the phone call. The lady on the other end asked him if he recently had a Glucose test, he said no but my wife had one at the beginning of the week. Odd, no? He asked them how they knew someone in the house had had a Glucose test and how did they get HIS phone number. Now, I don't give out my hubby's phone number if I don't have to and only list him for Emergency Contacts so I have NO idea how they got his number to begin with. We came up with a Conspiracy Theory... we assume that someone in the hospital is monitoring which people come in for glucose tests and then reporting their information to this Company and making some profit on the side... interesting huh? If we are even remotely close on our Conspiracy Theory, isn't it wrong, what about Patient Confidentiality rights? I know it was only a Glucose test and that a phone call doesn't hurt anyone, but where do these people draw the line with "selling" information? Just some food for thought...

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Glucose Test and Jump Breaks

I've been meaning to go get my Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) done for about two weeks now, but with everything going on here it seemed to have slipped my mind until I realized that I have a doctor's appointment coming up and I was supposed to have it done before then. What is the GTT for you ask? Well, sometimes pregnant women get what they call Gestational Diabetes, which usually only lasts during pregnancy... after the baby is born it normally goes away. It is important for pregnant women to get this test done because Gestational Diabetes can cause some complications:

Taken from Google Health - Gestational diabetes:
>>Pregnant women with gestational diabetes tend to have larger babies at birth. This can increase the chance of problems at the time of delivery, including:
  • Birth injury (trauma) because of the baby's large size
  • Delivery by c-section
>>Your baby is more likely to have periods of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) during the first few days of life.

>>Mothers with gestational diabetes have an increased risk for high blood pressure during pregnancy.

>>There is a slightly increased risk of the baby dying when the mother has untreated gestational diabetes.

>>Controlling blood sugar levels reduces this risk.

>>High blood sugar (glucose) levels often go back to normal after delivery. However, women with gestational diabetes should be watched closely after giving birth and at regular doctor's appointments to screen for signs of diabetes. Many women with gestational diabetes develop diabetes within 5 - 10 years after delivery. The risk may be increased in obese women.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Dad's Yummy Chili

Okay, my hubby requested Chili for dinner so I started it about 4:00 and let it simmer until about 9:00 when he got home. Boy was it YUMMY! At first I thought it was a little sweet, but after simmering for 5 hours the flavors just came right together. I don't have a recipe per say that I go by when I make my Chili, I just go by what I remember my Dad doing when I was younger. I thought I would share the "Recipe" for my Dad's Yummy Chili that I made today! Enjoy!

(3) Pounds of browned ground beef
(2) Quarts of V8 100% Vegetable Juice
(1) Can of Light Kidney Beans rinsed and drained
(1) Can of Dark Kidney Beans rinsed and drained
(2) Cans of Diced Tomatoes (do not rinse or drain)
(1) Small can of Tomato Paste
(1) Tablespoon or so Worcestershire Sauce
(1/8) teaspoon Salt Free All-Purpose Seasoning
(1/8) teaspoon Salt
(1/4) teaspoon Minced Onions
(1/4) teaspoon Chili Powder
(3/4) Cup Your Favorite Types of Pasta (Elbow Macaroni, Manicotti, Small Shells, or Penne type noodles seem to work the best)

Mix all ingredients except the pasta in a large pot (approximately 4 quart). I like using Stainless steal pots for chili, but a crock pot will do fine as well. Bring mixture to a boil then lower temperature to slightly higher than low setting so that it simmers slowly. Let simmer for about an hour to 5 hours, the longer it simmers the thicker the chili will get and the better the flavor will be. About 10 minutes before you want to eat the chili add in your Pasta of choice. Bring back up to a boil and let boil for about 7-8 minutes or until pasta is soft. Reduce heat back to low and/or serve! As a serving option you can add a small amount of chopped onions and cheddar cheese to the top or sever with crackers, but I usually eat mine plain because its oh so tasty itself! Enjoy!

Have a great night and happy cooking dear followers!

Toots N' Tots Twitter Pary 12/7

Upcoming Twitter Party!

What: On Tuesday, December 7th, join Mama B (Maxwell Designs) and Maggie from Toots n' Tots as they talk cloth diapers and Holiday shopping! With the Holidays in full swing, Toots n' Tots has you covered with a mega Pre-Black Friday Sale! Most items are 20%-43% off and diapers are buy 5 get one free! And who doesn't love free diapers?!

And of course it wouldn't be a party without PRIZES! Yes, lots of fabulous prizes! So come prepared with your best holiday tips, any and all cloth diaper related questions, and be ready to party!

When: Tuesday, December 7th at 9pm EST

Where: #tootsntots hashtag on twitter

How: To join the party, and be eligbile for prizes, tweet with the #tootsntots hashtag and follow @mamabmy and our sponsor @tootsntots.

Prizes (so far):

1 Little Bundle from AppleCheeks
1 Swim Diaper from AppleCheeks
1 Baba Sling
2 wet bags from Maxwell Designs (2 winners)
1 change pad from Maxwell Designs
1 45/90 bag of Mighty Mighty Marshmallow from Rockin Green Soap
1 bag of Funk Rock from Rockin Green Soup
1 one size hybrid diaper from Charlie Banana1 All-in-One diaper from GroVia 

Grand prize: a Maxwell Designs diaper bag!

RSVP here:

Good Luck and Enjoy Dear Followers!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Liquid Diet & Merry Fluffy Christmas

"Does liquid diet really mean no food?" - My Hubby

"Yes, honey, that means no food" - Me as I laughed at my Hubby

Poor guy had to go in for a colonoscopy yesterday and the day before he had to be on a liquid diet. He was so hungry and exhausted all day. It made me seriously laugh when he asked me that question, I think he thought maybe I would give in a make him something to eat. I didn't, I just laughed and made him stick strictly to the doctor's orders.  Poor baby didn't get any sympathy from me! I was really impressed that he actually went in and had the procedure done, he usually avoids doctors like the plague. Since having our daughter, however he seems to want to take better care of himself, which I think is awesome. She is an inspiration to him and that is just too cool and makes him want to be healthy so that he can be there for her as she grows up. Most men his age have teenage kids or kids that are grown in college, but the baby making business just came a little later in his life than normal people. Although you would never be able to tell, he can out work a lot of younger men, hands down. That is one thing that I really admire about him, his drive. He has such drive to achieve whatever NEEDS to be done and does it without hesitation or complaint. He has such a drive to do good as well and always wants to "make the world a better place". I'm pretty sure everyday he asks himself how he can make the world a better place and believes he can do it. I wish I had as much drive as he does... it takes me forever to get something done and I wear out faster than him, which can be so annoying sometimes because I'm much younger, lol....

On another note I found a cool giveaway on at the Children Teaching Mama blog. It's called Merry Fluffy Christmas and there are several blogs giving away things from Dec. 1-5th. I found it on the 1st and planned on posting it that night, except my internet went out and it FINALLY started functioning again today! Anyways, go here to check out information on the remaining giveaways, tons of REALLY cool stuff!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Furnace Frustrations

Well, the other night we were sitting in the living room watching TV and notice that is was getting kind of chilly in the house. For some odd reason the furnace is out. This isn't the first time we have had this problem. The furnace is new so there is no reason why is shouldn't be working, but it has been quirky this year. Every time we call people out to take a look at it, they can't find anything wrong with it. We thought maybe the batteries in the Thermostat needed changed, so we did that, it worked for a while after that. Then we thought maybe we had a faulty Thermostat, and changed it, but it still didn't work.

We had heard really great things about infrared heaters, so we broke down and bought a Heat-A-Lot Infrared Furnace. What is this you ask? It is a portable furnace. Unlike oil heaters the outside surface doesn't get hot so, it is safe for little ones and animals to be around plus it is supposed to be low on electricity... we haven't had ours long enough for me to be able to compare, however I will update after a month and let you all know if our electric bill has gone down since using it. This heater has a lot of cool features. Ours has an oak finish, looks stylish, is small (11.9" wide X 16.5" deep X 16.5" tall), if you didn't know that it was a heater you would assume it was some type of radio or CD player sitting off in the corner. The heater is on wheels so you can scoot it around where ever you want, plus it come with a cute little remote control. You can use the buttons on the front, but the remote makes it easy to adjust the heat from across the room or as you snuggle on the couch. The fan is so quiet that you don't even notice it is in the room either! We live in a one story house with a basement and so far just setting the temperature at 70*F had kept our main floor toasty warm, even at night with below freezing temperatures outside. Its been great and so far I really like it a lot!

Here are the complete specks as found on the Heat-A-Lot website for the Oak Model that we bought:

Heat-A-Lot 1500WO

Oak Model-11.9" x 16.5" x 16.5" (W, D, H), 30cm x 42cm x 42cm (W, D, H)
Power Requirements: 110 Volt AC, 1500 Watt
Power Cord: 6 feet(182.88cm),14 gauge
Thermostat: Electronic Analog Xlarge numbers Accuracy: +2 degrees (1 degree up and 1 degree down)
Delayed Start Function: Up to 24 hours
Safety Cutoff: Yes
Listed Approvals: C-TUV XU.S. & International (UL equivalent)    
Remote Control: Credit card type Xlarge-button surface
Pre-Filter: Lifetime electrostatic
Cord Storage: Convenient cord wrap for transport & storage
Lifetime Electrostatic Filter (for maintaining air quality): Removed and installed with springs
Heat Type: Therapeutic quartz infrared heat
Heat Chamber: Copper-ion generation panel with stainless diffraction coils
Heating Elements: Four (4) quartz infrared emitters
Emitter Life Expectancy: 20,000 hours (approx. 7-10 years)
Fan System: Single high-output scroll fan, providing a much quieter operation by eliminating vibration and ELF 60 Hz electromagnetic emissions caused by AC axial fan motors.
Fan Noise Level: 42 dB (comparatively quiet)
Warranty: Limited 3-year warranty

Price Range: $340-$450 depending on which model you want
Purchase Online:
Where To Find This Heater: Rural King (currently on sale for $299.99) 
My Rating: A+ $$$

 My Review Rating System:
  • A+ = Love it, will definitly use it and buy it for myself or family
  • B = Like it a lot, will probably use it or buy it for myself or family
  • C = Like it, may or may not use or buy it for myself or family
  • D = Think its Ok, but probably won't use or buy it for myself or famliy
  • E = Don't like it at all, will not be using it again and won't buy it for myself or family
$ = SUPER Cheap
$$ = Low Price
$$$ = Decently Priced
$$$$ = Somewhat Pricey
$$$$$ = Too Rich For My Pockets

Hopefully, this review helps you all out this winter!

Stay warm and thanks for reading dear followers!

Disclosure: We bought this product ourselves. Please note that I was not compensated in any way for my review and its is solely based on my interaction and experience with the product. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pregnancy Updates and Cool Twitter Parties Coming Up

Well, we made yet another trip to the hospital around 9:30PM the night before Thanksgiving. I was having cramps/contractions all day long but nothing consistent. Well around 9:00PM I went to the bathroom and there was blood, so off we went to the hospital. Once again they hooked me up to some monitors, did an ultrasound, took some blood, and ran some tests. Good news is that the baby is fine and my cervix hasn't changed. The doctor said that there isn't any reason why I won't go full term with this little girl, which was a relief to hear. So, why was I having all the cramps/contractions? Well I have a bladder infection and since my hormones are up I have the normal pregnancy bacteria issue as well... SO now I'm on 2 antibiotics and haven't felt any cramps/contractions since I've been taking them, which I guess means that we FINALLY found the problem! I'm hoping that this will fix the problems for good and the last 2.5 months will be breeze.

We got home at bout 1:30AM and in the morning we were up getting food ready for Thanksgiving. Luckily, our friends that were joining us for Thanksgiving Dinner took on a large portion of the cooking and I only had to prepare 3 dishes, Green Bean Casserole, Corn Pudding, and my Great Grandma's Yeast Rolls (which are a family tradition/secret on my mother's side). Thanksgiving went great, we had enough food to feed at least 5 more people, maybe even more, lol! Our friends brought THE BEST desert I've ever had for Thanksgiving, it was a Pecan Streusel Pumpkin Pie, YUM!

My mom and sister (and her three kids) all came to visit us the day after Thanksgiving. This was the first time I saw my new nephew, he was born in October. Holding him, I just couldn't remember my baby girl being so little, although I know in reality she was that little at one time. When your parents tell you that your babies grow up really fast you don't really understand it until you have your own and watch time just fly by. It was quiet a unique experience for me to have FOUR kiddos under 4 in my house at one time. Normally, my baby girl and I are here by ourselves and its pretty quiet. They were all SO entertaining playing together and running around, it was just too cute for words! Today we are back to our normal routine... our world is slow and quiet again, lol!

Okay Ladies, thought I would let everyone know about some upcoming Twitter Parties that I think would be cool, so here you go: Holiday Twitter Party

When: “Cyber Sunday,” 11/28 from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. ET
Where: #diapersdotcom on Twitter
How: To participate, use the hashtag and follow me at @ResourcefulMom and our sponsor at @diapersdotcom
Participants will be chosen at random to receive gift codes in increasing amounts all the way up to our grand prize winner who will receive a $100 gift code!
Go here to Register for this event to win cool prizes!

Real Diaper Association Holiday Twitter Party
When:  Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Time: 9-10 pm ET
Hashtag: #clothdiapers #RDA
Who to Follow:@RDAHeatherMc, @RealDiapers, @EcoChicParties, @EcoChicSideKick and our sponsors @TheWillowStore and @fuzlife
Click here for more information on how to register to win prizes during this event!

Well, that's all I have for today dear followers!
Off to put up the Christmas Tree!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fun Night at the #MeetSweetPea Twitter Party

Last night was the Twitter Party with Sweet Pea Diapers hosted by Eco Chic Parties. I thought the party went pretty good, lots of information and questions. The Giveaways were awesome and I even won a One Size Cloth Diaper with 2 microfiber inserts. Which is GREAT! I am looking forward to trying it out and determining if I'd like to purchase more. I believe they are running a 10% on the Sweet Pea Covers and One Size Diapers thru Cyber-Monday, so get them fast while the sale lasts!

I really want to add to my stash when Baby #2 gets here and being able to try different diapers before settling on a specific brand is SO nice. I am fortunate this time around that I have been able to try several different brands like FuzziBunz, Haute Pockets, Thirsties, Nubunz, and bumGenius. Although I LOVE them all, I tend to lean more towards my bumGenius cloth diapers. I really like the way they fit my first daughter and the insert seems to hold SO much more urine than the other inserts. I also am a fan of having the pocket opening in the front as opposed to the back I have 2 of the bumGenius 3.0 Cloth Diapers in my stash and I'm curious to try and possibly buy the new bumGenius 4.0 Cloth Diapers because I like mine so much. Many of the retailers for bumGenius have a buy 5 get 1 free sale. If your interested check out Kelly's Closet for this cool deal!

Back to my crayon crisis... I thought the Crayola Large crayons were going to work out, however last night while I was participating in the Twitter Party my baby girl broke one, I believe it was blue. So, problem not solved. The saga continues...

If you are interested in the cloth diapers I mentioned above, please visit their websites for more detailed information:
>Haute Pockets

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Icky Day

Well, today is an icky day...cold and rainy, but not a consistent rain but annoying off and on sprinkles. All I wanted to do this morning was sleep in... but that didn't happen, the baby was up at 6:30AM. I put her to bed late last night in hopes that she would sleep in but no such luck. It's funny how you never really think about the fact that when you have babies that your days of sleeping in will come to an end. Some days I long for the times when I was young myself and on Saturday I could be lazy and sleep in past my alarm clock setting... Oh those were the days. The only thing that makes "having" to get up early is the excitement, joy, happiness that shines on my daughter's face when I go into her bedroom to get her in the mornings. She is always SO happy to see me, EVERY day, I love it! And it make not being able to sleep in seem like a privilege.

Anyhow....On a totally random subject... I was messing around on the internet and posting things on Twitter about looking for crayons yesterday when I was sent this link from @iColor3D . Naturally, I was curious as to how you color in 3D so I visited their website and facebook page. I'm thoroughly amused by the idea of coloring in 3D, I guess that is the big kid in me coming out! I love coloring, especially with my daughter. I just recently introduced the world of crayons and coloring books to her, which she immediately picked up on and has come to LOVE, hence my search for perfect crayons for her. Well, I'm crossing my fingers that iColor3D will decide to send me a product to review... we'll see!  I REALLY want to get the product reviews and giveaways started and hoping THIS will be my leg in! Even if they don't I felt the urge to share this product because A) They sound COOL and B) They were nice enough to answer my Tweet about Crayons and 3) It will help promote a really unique product for kids, which is AWESOME!

Thanks for listening dear followers! And if you have time check out iColor3D!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Why is this baby in such a hurry?

Well, yet another small scare for us....

Everything has been going fine all week, I took it easy, nothing happened, everything was great. So, we decided to go grocery shopping yesterday and get some stuff before the last minute Thanksgiving flock invaded. I hadn't been doing much walking all week, so walking around the store was a little uncomfortable but nothing too bad that I wasn't able to ignore. Well, when we got home, after we put the groceries away and settled down I noticed I was having some "cramps". Well, then I noticed these "cramps" were pretty consistent and close together... about 3-6 minutes apart. My dear sweet hubby started to get nervous and wanted me to call the doctor's office. So, I called, and my orders were to drink a bunch of water and lay down, if they didn't stop after 30 minutes I was to go into the hospital. Well, I did what they said, but waited a little longer than 30 minutes and they stopped. I was fine the rest of the night and felt pretty good this morning. I just don't understand why this baby is in such a big hurry to get here, she still has about 3 months to go, I'm only 27 weeks (today) along. Needless to say I probably won't be going grocery shopping again until after the baby is born. Just another thing my dear sweet hubby has to take on while we wait for this baby to finish "baking". Well, stay tuned, I'm hoping nothing more will happen, but this baby has a mind of her own already.

On another note, I'm looking for some FAT crayons for my daughter to try out? Anyone know where I can find some? I tried to let her color but the regular size crayons break to easy when she scribbles, she is only 16 months, so she doesn't have fine motor skills. I bought her some Crayola Large Crayons yesterday while we are out and we are trying them out today, but they still seem a little too thin, when I say FAT, I mean I want FAT Crayons!

I would LOVE to do a Review and Giveaway for some FAT Crayons! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for listening dear followers!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

#MeetSweetPea Diapers Twitter Party 11.18.10


If you've never participated in a Twitter Party I recommend trying to start now! I've participated in several and the most recent Party I attended I won (25) 5x7 Folded Cards from Shutterfly! Its a great way to learn about products you love or are interested in, as well as a great chance to win GREAT prizes! 

As most of you know I love Cloth Diapers, so I thought I would advertise a Twitter Party coming up soon. Currently I don't have any Sweet Pea Diapers, however I am interested in learning more about them and depending on what I hear, may make a purchase for our newest bundle of joy! 

Here's the specks on the upcoming Twitter Party:

What: Help us welcome the newest cloth diaper to our stash and yours – Sweet Pea Diapers.  
When: Thursday, November 18, 2010
Time: 9-10 pm ET (6-7 pm PT)
Who to follow:@SweetPeaDiapers, @EcoChicParties, and @EcoChicSidekick 

PRE-REGISTRATION PRIZE PACKAGE:  One All-in-Three Sweet Pea, 1 pack of Sweet Pea wipes, and 1 Sweet Pea wetbag   *Pre-registration prize will be selected from all of the comments and extra entries earned before 8:30pm on the evening of the event.  You still must attend the party and tweet once during the party to be eligible to win.
DOOR PRIZES: Door prizes are compliments of our sponsor Sweet Pea Diapers.
#1:  One one-size Sweet Pea with 2 microfiber inserts
#2: One one-size Sweet Pea with 1 microfiber insert and 1 hemp insert
#3: One all-in-three Sweet Pea
#4: One Sweet Pea Cover and 2 pre-folds
GRAND PRIZE BUNDLE:  2 one-size Sweet Peas, 1 Sweet Pea cover and pre-fold, 2 all-in-three Sweet Peas, 1 set nursing pads, and one set of Sweet Pea wipes.

About the sponsor:
On the web:
On Twitter:
On Facebook:

For ALL Information Details, and Registration Visit:

ENJOY dear followers!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Small Scare

Tuesday morning we had a small scare. I spotted a little, so I called the doctor's office. They wanted me to come in just to make sure nothing was wrong. So, I packed up the baby and headed to the doctor's office. They did a pelvic and found more blood, so they decided to send me over to the hospital to get hooked up to some  monitors, do some blood work, and get an ultrasound the check out the baby and the placenta. Luckily, nothing was wrong and my baby girl is growing as she should be. The whole time I was in to hospital I just kept thinking that she just wasn't ready yet, she had to be okay, and she had to stay in there a little longer. They sent me home with orders to "rest". No heavy walking, no picking up anything, including my 16 month old daughter, just sitting around... so not cool. So, today is day 2 of my orders to "rest" its been okay, but really weird... my baby doesn't really understand why I don't pick her up but she has been really good about it. I feel like my arms have been cut off. I'm supposed to be on rest for two weeks... if everything is good and I don't have any issues until then I will be off "rest". If something else happens then I will be put on "bed rest" which will be even harder than this "rest"... so I'm trying really hard to take it easy, relax, and not pick up my baby girl.

Just an update ;o) Thanks for listening dear followers,

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Getting Closer, but Oh So Far Away!

Well, I'm now 25 weeks along. The new baby is getting more and more active, which is nice because for a while I was getting nervous something was wrong because she just wasn't as active as my first daughter was at this stage. My belly feels so big already and can't imagine getting any bigger, although I know I will most definitely be HUGE by the time #2 is due.

This week was pretty busy... I had to go in to the doctor's office to get a couple moles removed... not because we thought something was wrong with them, but because they keep getting bigger and bigger. I'm pretty much blaming it on the pregnancy hormones. My daughter kept messing with the one on my chest, trying to pinch it off, so we decided to just go in and have it and another on taken off before she actually did rip it off. My doctors did pretty good from what I can tell, they are healing fine and don't really hurt at all, just itch a little. I was surprised that they didn't hurt right the lidocaine wore off, but nothing, which is cool because I was still able to fold clothes and wash dishes like normal and pick up my daughter without being uncomfortable. All in all it was an okay experience, I was a little nervous at first, but it went really well. They sent the moles off to get tested and tests came back and they are just normal moles, no cancer cells or anything.

Yesterday, I had to make a trip to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Everything looks good there too, no cavities, yeah! Word to the wise, get your teeth cleaned BEFORE you get pregnant. It wasn't a bad experience, I was just uncomfortable laying on my back because my belly is so heavy now. I couldn't have done it at the beginning of my pregnancy because of the morning sickness and my easy to activate gag reflex. I was a little nauseous laying on my back but the dental assistant was nice and raised the back of my chair higher than normal to help me out, which I GREATLY appreciated.

I can't believe how much my baby girl is growing up. When everyone tells you that time flies when it comes to kids, you never really understand it until you have kids yourself. I am totally amazed at how smart she is and how fast she learns. 16 months, wow! This morning I brought her into bed to hang out and watch cartoons, I just sat there and watched her. She is her own little person now, with her own little personality and mannerisms. Amazing!

Oh well, I better get back to work!
Talk to you later dear followers,

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

It's A...

Girl! We found out on Oct. 1st that we are indeed having another girl! Very excited to have another little princess on the way! I was for sure that this one was a boy because the pregnancy has gone a bit different, but no, its a girl. I am so excited! My first daughter is so much fun its going to be GREAT having two! I can't wait for them to be able to play with each other! My first daughter likes babies already, at church if the other babies in the nursery are crying she tries to take them toys to get them to stop! How cute is she?!?!

Well, sorry this is short, just an update to let you know, I'm still alive. Just over half way there, 21 weeks down 19 weeks to go!

Thanks for reading dear followers!

Friday, August 27, 2010

OK, Back...

Sorry about that... a friend of mine was going to be late getting home and asked me if I would wait for her grandson to get off the bus... they live just at the corner so I drove our golf cart down and waited for him to get off the bus... so I had to take a pause from the blog, but I'm back :o) Ok, now what was I talking about before... oh yes, my disappearance and being pregnant... everything seems to be going soothly, but I did have a minor scare. I went to the doctor at about 12 weeks because I wasn't feeling good. Well the doctor was trying to use the doppler to hear the heartbeat and couldn't find it... he had his nurse try and she couldn't find it either. So, they had be sent to another room for an ultrasound... they wait was horrible, I was trying to stay calm and not panic... I was afraid that the baby was dead because no one found the heartbeat. Good news however, the baby was fine and moving around, had a strong heartbeat, the little booger was just very far back and moving around. It was cool to have another ultrasound earlier than I was supposed to, I'm supposed to go in Sept. 28th to find out if it is a girl or boy (although for some reason I FEEL like its a boy). Unfortunatly though the contrast was off on the machine's printer so the picture she printed came out all funky so I didn't get a picture to take home. Well, its getting close to closing time so I'm going to get things together!
Have wonderful day dear followers and I will try not to stay away so long anymore!

My Disappearance

OK, so I mentioned that I'm pregnant with baby #2... and then disappeared. I was sick! Morning sickness and nausea SUCK! Finally, I was put on a pretty good antinausea medicine that seems to be working well. So far I'm 15 weeks and 4 days along. I was really super tired the first trimester and now I am finally getting a little bit of my energy back, not all, but some. I have to admit this time around its been much better than with my first baby. I couldn't function until I was about 18 weeks. This time I am up and much more active, it does help to have a one year old walking around as well, she keeps me on my toes. And, I don't seem as paranoid as I was with my daughter... paranoia used to keep me up all night with here and this time around I only get it every once and a while instead of all the time... HOLD THAT THOUGHT I'll be back.....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Here We Go Again & P.M.D. #1

Ok, so last Friday night I was a little late so I took a pregnancy test... it was positive... I'm due about or around Feb. 14, 2011 (I'm calling it our "Love Child"). We really weren't trying to have another baby at the moment seeing how things have been super busy, but evidently God said NOW is the time, so here we go, again! I was somewhat shocked when I read the big pink + on my EPT, I honestly wasn't expecting it. I called my dear sweet husband and asked him if someone was there with him. He said "Yes, why?" And I said "because I don't want you to pass out and hurt yourself and no one be around when I tell you that we're having another baby." And the giggles began, he was SO excited, shocked too, but excited. Well, as I thought about it, more and more things that were going on with me were making sense... I was extremely tired, and in the mornings I would have to sit up in bed, and wait a few minutes before I got up or I would be extremely dizzy or my eyes would go black. I just thought it was the heat, I guess not!

Well, on Wednesday night I was extremely tired, but we needed to get groceries. So, we are coming out of the store and I'm having major buyer's remorse, over groceries, which we obviously need, but still... when we get home I am still exhausted and trying to put groceries away, finally I give up, I NEED to eat right now! My stomach thought my throat had been cut! As I ate some maccoroni salad I just started crying,  Pregnancy Melt Down #1 or P.M.D. #1. All these thought cam rushing to my mind. How can I have another baby now? Are we really ready for another baby? Am I ready for another baby? Is having another baby selfish? What are we going to do? Is Katelynn going to feel like I'm replacing her with a new baby? The thoughts just flooded my mind and the tears flooded my face. My dear sweet husband, who he is, gave me a hug and said go to bed, I'll finish the groceries... but being the Control Freak that I am I told him not to because I needed to know where everything was, hehe, but I did allow him to take the cans down to the basement and put them away, hehe. I love my husband, he is too good to me!

So far, this next baby is giving me a run for my money. I'm so tired its obnoxious, and I HAVE to eat, all the time. If I don't eat I'm dizzy. I'm crossing my fingers it isn't twins, lol! Plus side, I get to start looking for newborn cloth diapers, I don't have any since I started Katelynn at around 7 months old! Any suggestions on the best brands of newborn cloth?

Anyhow, thought I would give you an update dear followers!
Have a great day!

Monday, June 14, 2010

"Modern" Cloth Diapering

Okay, so you if you think Moms are nuts for using Cloth Diapers in an age where disposibles are the most popular, your 100% wrong! Today's Cloth Diapers are nothing like what you would imagin. No "burp cloths" wrapped in plastic pants, no pins needed, no leaks either! When I had my baby girl, Katelynn, the thought of using cloth diapers never crossed my mind, I had NO clue about the Modern Cloth Diaper. The Cloth Diaper of today is much more complex than "back in the day" and very easy to use. There are so many options you have when it comes to the Modern Cloth Diaper as well. I bought my first Modern Cloth Diapers when my baby girl was about 6-7 months old, but I wish that I had known about them and been using them since birth. I, like many moms today, went to the internet as a support system for input and info as a first time mom. I was suprised to learn just how many moms were using Cloth Diapers. The more I talked to these women, the more curious I got... I wanted to learn as much as I could about them. I took notes and visited the websites they suggested and even found other sites as well with TONS of infomation of the Modern Cloth Diaper. One of the ladies on my Mom's Group online was very helpful and suggested a brand called Haute Pockets as a starter diaper, especially since at that time they were on sale at So my first investment in Cloth Diapering were 6 Haute Pocket One Size Diapers. Each diaper came with two inserts, a newborn and a doubler. Right now Katelynn is about to turn one and I use both inserts and she can usually last up to 2 hours in them. At that time I was using cloth during the day and disposibles at night. I want so badly to switch to full time cloth, but knew my Haute Pockets wouldn't stand up over night. I did further research and I decided to buy a couple Thirsties All In One Pockets in Medium from because they were on sale, which was awesome, I got them for a great deal! I bought a separate Large insert to go in them, made by FuzziBunz. So far to date we have not had any leaks at night! Later I learned about the bumGenius 3.0 and bought a couple of them... looking back now I wish I would have done my whole stash in bumGenius 3.0. I use them as a back up night time diaper because their inserts are AWESOME! I've not had any leaks from them at night either and they tend to be a little trimmer fitting than the Thirsties. I also have a FuzziBunz diaper, which is ok, works great, but nothing SUPER spectacular. I also have 3 Nubunz that Katelynn's auntie bought her, which enabled me to only have to wash every other day instead of every day usually at midnight every night. Total I have 18 cloth diapers. I would LOVE more (like maybe 50), but don't really NEED more for Katelynn at this time. I would like to be able to have enought to do two full day in cloth without having to wash, so that I could travel with them... I try to use cloth as much as I can, but because my stash is only 18 diapers sometimes I have to use disposibles if we go out of town.
If your interested in researching the Modern Cloth Diaper and are thinking about going cloth or making the switch, here are several helpful links:
Hope you have a wondeful day dear followers!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Drama Drama Drama

Well yesterday was interesting...  It seems like most of the time when people do something wrong, they don't want to own up to it but instead blame their failure on someone else. Most of the time this involves them lashing out, causing drama. I'm not a fan of drama, EVER! I don't mind drama and I know in the end I will learn from it, but it just seems pointless in the interm. If everyone would just sit back and think about things before they do or say them, the world would be a much better place. I believe the old saying is "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." Would YOU want someone to lash out at YOU for their failure and try to ruin YOUR reputation and spread LIES about YOU? I didn't think so. This is why I am glad I am who I am. I have learned a lot and am constantly learning. My learning has helped me greatly these past couple of days. Instead of lashing out to defend myself, I let it go, I KNOW THE TRUTH and GOD knows the TRUTH.  I'm close to God and I know everything will be taken care of and everything will turn out fine.

Last night I did have THE BEST NIGHT'S SLEEP ever! I slept so deep and so nice, it was as if all my worries were lifted and my mind was clear and empty, allowing me to fall into a deep sleep. Normally I have a million things on my mind and though I do fall asleep really easy and do sleep all night through, I don't get a GOOD nights sleep because of the thought rolling around in my head all night long. Katelynn on the other hand had some trouble sleeping and I think its because her 8th tooth is coming through and bugging her a little.

Ahh, stepping off my soap box, lol!
Thanks for reading dear followers!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What it means to be a "volunteer"

"Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation's compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain love for one another." -Erma Bombeck

Sometimes I think people get confused as to what the true meaning of being a volunteer actually is. To clear up any misunderstandings I've decided to write this post about the true meaning of being a "volunteer" enjoy the quotes, definitions, and my thoughts:

vol·un·teer[vol-uhn-teer] –noun
1. a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.
2. a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.
Taken from
"Every problem that the country faces is being solved in some community by some group or some individual. The question is how to get connected so that the whole nation can solve problems.
A volunteer is a person who can see what others cannot see; who can feel what most do not feel. Often, such gifted persons do not think of themselves as volunteers, but as citizens - citizens in the fullest sense; partners in civilization." -George H. W. Bush
In my family's "line of work" we depend a lot, not all, but a lot on the kindness of volunteers. We often sit back and think about past volunteers, and by their actions we truly know who was in it FOR the cause and who had their own self interest first. Volunteers that are in it FOR the cause are always there, ready to help, they do not complain about a job needing done, they work their hardest to get the job done. I know that when I have been a part of volunteer efforts where the volunteers are in it FOR the cause it is always fun and you create a kind of bond with them. Its like you are connected through the good that you achieved or through the same goal or mission. Those people stay with you forever, they may have a life change that makes them leave the cause, but they are always with you in heart and spirit. I always think back and remember a group of college girls that was with us for a good while, we were a "team", we felt invincible against anything the world could throw at the cause, there wasn't a problem or situation that we weren't ready for and we knew we could count on each other to be there and get through it... not for us, but FOR the cause. Our hearts were in it for the right reason, not to make outselves feel better about ourselves, not to make people like us, not so that we could pat each other on the back, not to get something from it, but to really make a difference. I often miss my "team" and think of them often, I haven't had that in a long time. A "team" that I could count on, to be there if we needed them, that we could call at midnight about a situation that needed tended to at 6:00AM... a "team" that knew their roles and acted effectively with integrity and with drive and passion. I miss that. I don't want to replace my "team" I want to expand on it, to add members to the "team"... because you never really loose "team" members, it just seems like they are put on hold or frozen in time.
Its sad when you have a "volunteer or group of volunteers that isn't in it FOR the cause. It makes everything less fun and its hard to really trust them. Its sad. Sometimes I want to just pluck them up and shake them saying "Hello, you, in there, wake up, I know you are in there for the right reason, come out come out where ever you are!" I don't know what has happened to our society to make people think that they are owed the world when they decided they want to "help" or "volunteer"... where does that come from? That isn't volunteering! No one OWES you anything! It makes absolutly no sense to me. They think they are owed privledges, or status, or admiration, or something and it just ruins the whole concept of being a volunteer and trying to work together towards a common good. It just ERKS me! And this is exactly what I've been encountering lately and I just don't understand it...
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -Edmund Burke, British statesman and orator

Quotes taken from Alpena Volunteer Center Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your compilation of quotes about volunteering!

Thank you for your time dear followers and I hope you enjoyed the post!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Travel Baby

I have to brag a little! I have THE BEST TRAVEL BABY EVER! I can't believe how well Katelynn does in the car. She sleeps, eatss, and plays really well through car rides, like as in a 4 hour car ride. I know it sounds silly, but I think she ROCKS, and I really believe that if it were longer than 4 hours, I think she would be fine as well. One of the things she loves the most is her mirror. She has a fun Mirror in front of her with little animals animals on it... its the Fisher Price Precious Planet Auto Mobile Mirror pictured to the left. She absolutly loves it and has since she was teeny tiny. There is a small button and a dial on the bottom that turns on music and lets you set at time limit for the music to play. Its seems like she has been watching and paying attention to that button since the day we got it. Now that she is mobile and able to move her fingers and grab everthing, the first thing she does when we put  her in her car seat is sit forward and try to push the button to turn the music on... it is so cute. She uses her index finger and pushes the button. If the music goes off and she wants to listen to it some more, but is restrained in the seat she will use her toes to turn it on, lol, how funny!

It really helps during travel that can hold her own bottle too. When she is hungry al I have to do is mix up the bottle and hand it to her and she can feed herself. Which she doesn't mind doing and is really good at! She is also really good at entertaining herself... I'll give her a toy and she will play with it for quite a while before she gets bored with it... then all I have to do is give her a different toy and the process repeats. Sleeping is a key component too and she has no problem falling asleep in the car. I was somewhat concerned that she would have to adjust to her new carseat, the Graco MyRide 65 before she would be comfortable sleeping in the car, but she has no problems sleeping. It looks pretty comfortable and I believe she thinks so as well. She doesn't protest about getting in and being restrained. Its like she is ok with it because it is comfortable.

Now why was she in the car for 4 hours? We were spontaneous yesterday and decided to take a road trip to visit some friends and family! It was a good trip and a great visit... sometimes its really nice to just getaway for the day! ;o) The drive home was killer for me, I was exhausted. Katelynn on the other hand made the 4 hour drive home without any problems and slept pretty much the whole way home... I was nervous about this because I was SO tired and I knew if she wokeup when we got home that it would be "playtime" when Mommy wanted to go to bed. Luckily, she was still tired and we took her straight from the car to her crib and she still slept through the night! I LOVE MY BABY! She is awesome!

Well, I must go, Katelynn and I are off to the office today!
Have a wonderful day dear followers!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Mulberry Pie

Last night I decided to start the Mulberry Pie for after church lunch, today. I had never made a Mulberry Pie before so I went to the internet to find a recipe. I found a funny recipe on Discuss Cooking for a Cream Cheese Crust Mulberry Pie... I wasn't sure how well it would turn out, but I went with it and decided to give it a try because it just sounded really good. Here is the Recipe without all the funny adds:

Cream Cheese Crust Black Mulberry Pie

Crust Ingredients:
4 cups Flour
Dash of Salt
1 tsp. Baking Powder
12 oz. (340 g.) Cream Cheese
4 oz. (13 g.) Stick Butter or Margerine (Hard and Cold)
2 Tbs. Ice Water (not frozen just chilled)
Cooking Spray

Crust Directions:
Place a butter knife in the freezer. In a bowl mix Flour, Baking Powder, and Salt. Using a cheese grater rub the stick of Butter or Margerine over the large holes to shave butter or margerine.Using the butter knife from the freezer scrape the curls of butter into the Flour mixture and proceed to mix them into the Flour mixture with the cold knife. Cut Cream Cheese into small pieces or curl like butter if cold enough. Add Cream Cheese to the Flour/Butter Curl Mixture. Use hands and message the mixture until the texture much like crumbs in appearance. Add Ice water to mixture and work thoroughly with hands. Make dough into a ball. Place the dough ball on a 14 in. by 14 in. piece of aluminum foil and wrap the foil around the dough ball completely. Place dough ball in refridgerator for one hour. After one hour take dough out of refridgerator. Spray pie pan with cooking spray. Cut dough ball in half. Place half of dough ball in center of pie pan and work to spread the dough from the center out to the edge and walk it up the side of the pie pan. Place pie pan with dough in freezer. Take the second half of the dough ball and spread or roll onto the aluminum foil sheet starting from the center and working out to make a large circle and goes to the edge of the aluminum foil. Place the dough on the aluminum foil in the freezer as well.

Pie Filling Ingredients:
4-5 cups of Black Mulberries
2 Tbs. Lemon Juice or Sumac Juice
2 Tbs. Flour
1/2 Cup of Sugar

Pie Filling Directions:
In a bowl mix Mulberries, Lemon Juice, Flour and Sugar. Make sure to mix up well

Get dough in pie pan and aluminum foil out of freezer. Pour Filling into the pie pan and spread evenly. Remove dough from aluminum foil and place dough over Filling. Make sure there are no openings in crust and flatten and scallop edges of the pie. If there are openings, as the pie cooks, the filling juice will come out and drip down into your oven and make a mess. Place pie in freezer for one hour.

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees F or 200 degrees C. Take pie from freezer directly to the oven. Bake Pie for 40 minutes. Lower oven to 350 degrees F or 180 degrees C. Brush a light layer of butter or margerine over the top of the pie to prevent burning and bake for 5 minutes or until crust is golden. Remove from oven, serve warm and enjoy!

Suggestion: Dress with vanilla ice cream and whip cream!

I believe that this Recipe can be used with any type of berry, not just Black Mulberries, get creative!

Hope you like it dear followers! We did!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Standing UP!

This morning my dear sweet baby was awakened by the thunderstorm at about 6:30AM. Mommy is not a morning person, so 6:30AM is REALLY early for us. Usually she will sleep until 8:00AMish, sometimes earlier sometimes later, but not 6:30AM early. Well, I decided to bring her to bed with me and give her a bottle in hopes that she would fall back asleep... no such luck. We ended up hanging out in bed and watched cartoons on the Disney Channel until it was time for me to get ready to head to the farm. Well, she started getting brave and would lean forward and put her hands on the bed, then stand with her legs and lift her body into the standing position... without holding on to anything!!! I was amazed! She did this several times and on the bed, which isn't that easy to stand up on and balance for some adults let alone a baby! So today we reached yet another milestone, Standing by herself without holding onto anything! Wow! I have to say, I love having a phone with a video recorder on it, I have the LG Shine Slider Phone, which takes good pictures and videos, but I don't like it other than those things and you can't "butt dial" with it. Sometimes the phone will randomly turn off, or it won't tell me I have a text message until hours or a day later, the slider is annoying I liked my flip phone better, the outside scratches easy,  but I will continue to use it until my account allows me to get another free phone, which is how I got the LG Shine... which was a bad move, but I'll live with it. 

We decided to watch the new Disney movie The Princess and the Frog last night... I have to say that I was less than impressed with it... what is happening to Disney? I LOVED Disney movies growing up and they were all very cool... I didn't really like The Princess and the Frog. It was a good story, but the whole voodoo man thing was a bit weird to me. I would think that little kids would be afraid of shadows after seeing this movie, it was freaky how the shadows came and got the frogs several times, WEIRD! Can't say that I will be buying that one, thats for sure.

Well, the other day I was playing on my hubby's laptop and came across this cool movie maker program that I had no idea was on his laptop. I decided to take photos of Katelynn's First Year and put together something. It is coming along well, but I am still learning (or teaching myself) how to use the program... so hopefully I can have it up and running and uploaded to facebook or youtube by her first birthday! I would REALLY like to do some giveaways for her 1st birthday, I'm hoping to contact some people to see if they will sponsor one, maybe I can get some more followers that way!

Have a wonderful evening dear followers!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Well we had a pretty good Memorial Day weekend. Sunday we all went to church and the service was wonderful. Night classes were cancelled so that we could all enjoy spending time with our families... SO my hubby and I had a "Date night" while Grandma watched the baby! We went out to dinner then came back to the farm and took the golfcart around the farm, just going for a ride. We saw a beautiful young doe on the way home, tried to get a photo with the cell phone but not sure how well it turned out... Monday we worked a little bit around the farm then went home to relax. I set up a kiddie pool for Katelynn and she LOVED it, I think she played in the water for almost two hours before she was tired and want out for some lunch. I put her in a Haute Pocket shell without an insert and it worked out great as a bathing suit bottom. I slathered her with sun screen and made her wear a hat too. It was so cute, I had to add a picture of her! Later in the evening we had a cookout for dinner and our friend came over and made AWESOME Red Potato Salad, it was SO good that I brought leftovers for lunch today! I think she said that she used Mayo, salt, celery and a little mustard... IT WAS GOOD!!!!!!!! I'm thinking about making some in the future but adding boiled eggs to it too, YUM! After dinner my hubby and I decided to go Mulberry picking around the farm. We have Mulberry trees EVERYWHERE and right now they are all ripe with Dark Purple berries. My plan is to make a Pie, Cobbler, or some preserves. Well, we took the truck and parked it under a tree and began picking. Who knew it was going to be so much fun. My hubby picked with me for the first tree, but the trees after that he just drove the truck under each tree and sat and waited while I picked as many as I could reach from the truck.. then we moved to the next tree. He enjoyed being able to sit and look around at the horses and our farm. He said it was the first time in a LONG time that he felt Ok about spending time picking Mulberries instead of working on something that needed to be done... the farm has come a long way and he should be proud. I think it was really good for him to be able to relax, we have a working horse farm now... no major projects that need to happen ASAP, just projects that can be done when there is time and the supplies are in, no rush. By the end of the night I was covered in Purple from head to toe from the Mulberries from the top of the trees falling on me or me sitting on them as I got down from the hood of the truck. I have to say it was the most fun I've had in a long time, and I laughed histerically when I got home and saw myself in the mirror... my hands were almost black they were so dark purple... and my hubby had to help me out of my clothes and into the shower so I didn't touch anything and get purple all over the house... what a good laugh it was!

On a bit sadder note, this morning was rough, our filly that was born 5/3/2010 passed away in the night. She wasn't feeling well yesterday but I didn't expect her to be gone. We believe she had some birth defects from her Momma being neglected and starved during the pregnancy. The bigger she got the worse defects got. I will miss her... I named her Tamara's Destiny just a few days before she passed. She was such as smart little baby, and was doing REALLY well at learning how to lead. It broke my heart to see her Momma trying to get her up to nurse and then just standing over her, she loved her. This is the second baby we've lost this year and it just gets harder and harder. Its just not fair. For one, the mares shouldn't have been bred, both times the mares were starved. And it wasn't the foal's fault that they were brought into the world. Its just sad. I didn't think I had gotten attached to her and I tried not to, but she does hold a special place in my heart, she was my buddy... she didn't know a stranger and just LOVED to be rubbed... oh I will miss her sweet baby nickers, its just not fair... ugh...

Well, I better get back to work! See you again soon dear followers!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Long Time No See

Sorry my dear followers, things have been a little crazy around here and I haven't been faithfully writing as much as I would have liked. Here is a brief about what has been going on...

Project Pete is doing very well... he and his "girlfriend" Lucy get to go outside together every day and come in at night for grain and also get grained in the morning before they go out. He is looking a TON better and I hope to get new photos of him this coming week.

Did I mention that I LOVE my Lil' Outlaws Rump Rub? It is awesome!

Oh the stories I could tell about our dear mustangs... we had to castrate two of them this weekend... they aren't really domesticated but they aren't really wild. They don't really want you to touch them but at the same time, want the treats you have. I was REALLY nervous about their castrations, I just KNEW someone, usually me, would get hurt. Luckily all went well and both were castrated with out any issues and no one got hurt in the process, which is ALWAYS good!

My baby girl has cut 6 teeth, its crazy! She is starting to pull herself up and stand... she is trying to let go of things while standing and it is just too cool! I can't believe that she is almost 11 months already, it doesn't seem possible. At each stage she gets to I think that it is my favorite stage and then she reaches another milestone and I love that stage as well. Its just crazy! We went to Babies R Us and bought some foam stuff to put around the edge and the corners of our coffee table because that is where she likes to play the most and that is where she hits her head the most. Once we got it home and placed it around the top edges we realized we should have bought another set for the underside edges of the table... We also bought those thingies that go on your cabnets, which I HATE, erg, yeah they are baby proof, but I spend about five minutes trying to get them off every time I want to get into my cabnets. We also had to buy a new carseat because she is getting so big. I had thought our infant carseat would hold her until 25 pounds but as we were taking it out of the van I looked on the side and read it only supported up to 22 pounds, which Katelynn was at, so it was good that we got the new one when we did. We bought the Graco MyRide 65 Convertable Carseat. I toyed with the idea of getting the cute pink girly one but thought again when I realized we may have a second baby in the future and IF it happens to be a boy, he would be stuck with a pink hand me down carseat in the future, SO I opted to go with one that matched the decor/colors inside my van. I believe the fabric style is called Spirals. It is very nice and I like it realy well. She was too big for the infant insert, so we packed it away with her infant carseat. She looks so tiny in her new carseat, so I'm hoping it lasts us for a while. It seems comfortable, she didn't cry or fuss when we secured her in the seat for her first trip in it. I like how it has cup holders on the sides for future use! I was slightly concerned about the fact that the croch buckle doesn't adjust, but it is so far forward that I don't think she will have any problems with it as she grows.

Well, I think I'm going to call it, my dear sweet baby keeps trying to launch herself off the couch as I type... she wants to sit with me and then sees something interesting.

Good night dear followers!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lil' Outlaws Rocks Our World

Okay, so several posts ago I wrote about the issue I had with Pampers Cruiser with Dry Max. Well, I ordered the Lil' Outlaws Rump Rub and it is in. I've been using it this week and the verdict is in...

WE LOVE IT! Sometimes when my baby's bum is sore with diaper rash the diaper rash creams hurt to ever put on her, she just cries and cries... but not Lil' Outlaws Rump Rub! My baby girl just smiles and giggles because it feels so good on her sore bum. I bought the unscented version, but it comes in several great scents. The unscented version smells good and is soft and silky on the skin.

Katelynn Approved, we give it an A+!
Where to Find Lil' Outlaws Rump Rub:
Cost: $12.00 for the standard 4oz tub or a 4oz squeeze tube.

Thanks Lil' Outlaws for your GREAT product, no more tears from Diaper Rash!

Friday, May 14, 2010

First Birthday Coming Up

My baby girl is turning One VERY soon and I need to start planning her Birthday party! I know I want to do a Mickey Mouse Theme since she just LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on PlayhouseDisney. Her Grandma even bought her a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that she loves, well she loves his tail cause it hangs out the back of him and is interesting to her, hehe. Other than the whole Mickey Mouse Theme idea, I've got nothing... What do you do for a One Year old? Will she remember her birthday? Will she enjoy a party? I don't think I really care because we will have the memories and I think that is whats important.

As I type, I am looking over and I see the sweetest thing. My dear husband holding our daughter while she falls asleep. And on his face, sheer bliss...she make a bad day GREAT, she gives purpose to each day, she is his world. She falls alseep so much easier on him than in my arms. His arms are strong and comforting, its no wonder she crashes when he hold her.  It also helps that we have her Disney Lullaby movie on, it helps for those nights when she is fighting sleep really bad.

Project Pete has been doing so well that I decided to take him up to the big barn. He goes outside in the pasture for most of the day and comes in before dark. It seesms to be working out really good for him plus he has a Best Friend, her name is Lucy. They are like two peas in a pod and are usually no more than a foot away from eachother.

I'm sure there is more to type, but it is getting late and I am ready for some downtime then bed!
Goodnight dear followers!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life Ending Before It Begins

Well, today was a sad sad day... we had another mare that delievered today. She had a Red Bag foal and the people around didn't know to cut her out immediatly and she passed away. It was a little filly and she was BEAUTIFUL, brown and white spotted.

I am too tired to finish tonight, I will write more tomorrow... sorry to leave everyone hanging, its been a long day!

See you tomorrow dear followers!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Stuff Around The Farm

Okay, so this post is going to be picture heavy... I'm going to post random pictures from around the farm! Enjoy!

This was taken at 6:00AM when my dogs insisted on going out to potty, even the baby wasn't up yet!
From left to right (Fugit, Ryder, Sadie, Dottie, Eva)

Betty & Little Bit, two boarded horses, peeking into the barn.

LOL, the cute birdhouse my Grandma gave me!

Mira, my Quarter Horse Mare looking into the roundpen watching the new baby play.

Red Daisy type flower I got for Mother's Day at church for being the youngest Mom!

Tail feathers on my Rhode Island Red Rooster.

Scarlett another boarded horse.

"Project Pete" mowing the grass for me, lol!

I have these weeds growing up around the front of the little barn at the house and they have these cute little yellow flowers on them, they look cool but the weeds are getting out of control...time to string trim them.

Our new baby girl stretching her legs out in the round pen!

Baby Face!

I hope you enjoyed my random pictures!

Well, I think I posted on here about getting some Lil' Outlaws Rump Rub, well it came in today, YEAH! I figured out what was going on with Katelynn's bottom, it was the disposible diapers I was using, gave her a chemical burn. I used Pampers Swaddlers on her when she was really little and up until about February, that is when I switched to Cloth. I never had a problem with the Pamers giving her a rash but I did have problems with every other brand out there, even Huggies. Well,  I bought some Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max so that Katelynn's Grandma didn't have to try to figure out the cloth stuff since she has been helping out at the house so I can work with the horses a little more. Well, the new Pampers made her little bottom raw and it started bleeding. I thought maybe it was her pee or her poop that was irritating her so I kept using disposibles so that I could use Butt Paste on her until I got my Rump Rub. Well, I went ahead and bought some Huggies while I was waiting because one of the ladies on my group at suggested it may be chemical burn from the diaper... well it sure was, after changing the brand then next day she was 80% better.  I put her back in the cloth diapers as soon as her bottom was about 90% better and I've been anxiously waiting for it to come in to see if it will take care of the 10% rash we still have. I'll let you know what happens!

Thanks for hanging in there while I rant! I dispise diaper rash!
See you again soon dear followers!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day to All!

Happy Mother's Day, I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday with their family and kids. I look forward to the day when my baby girl is old enough to make me Mother's Day presents like drawings or paintings. At church Sunday the Moms were given flowers to take home to plant, I have 3 and I hope that I don't kill them, I do NOT have a green thumb at all.... one is a Daisy of some sort and the other two are Begonias... so we will see if they make it!

Project Pete never ceases to crack me up. Again the other day I had him loose in the yard, well I went inside for a moment and when I did our little dogs wanted to go out to potty so I let them out. All of a sudden I hear our farm dog Joey barking, his, "Um people you need to pay attention" bark. I went outside and Pete was following the dogs along the front of the property, they like to potty across the street in the tall grass sometimes, don't ask me why. So, I yelled "Hey, what are you doing? You don't belong over there" and both Pete and the dogs came walking back to me... silly pony. He's starting to get more curious as he puts on more weight. Oh, almost forgot, he got his hooves trimmed about two days ago... but he was a little bit of a pain cause he didn't want to stand still... SO we will continue to work on that. I think the main problem was that they were outside with him and he thinks if he is outside he doesn't have to do anything. I always pick his feet up in the barn in his stall and he does ok there.... but I wasn't able to be out with him when he got done or I would have suggested it. I tried to add some Corn Oil to his grain to help him pick up more weight as well as help his skin but is gave him some loose stool so I stopped... bummer... trying to figure out what to do cause his skin is SO dry.

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Well that is all I have today dear followers!

Friday, May 07, 2010

RECALLS on Children and Infant Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, and Zyrtec

Emergency POST!

Well, I feel like a horrible mother, I JUST now today found this recall and last night I gave Baby K some of the Tylenol that was on the list. The Recall was put out on April 30, 2010. Check out this site to read about which specific NDC numbers to look for on Children's and Infant Tylenol, Children's and Infant Motrin, Children's Benadryl and Children's Zyrtec. They will give you a refund or a high value coupon if you have the products on the list. TWO of my bottles of Tylenol Infant drops are on the list AND one bottle of Motrin Infant Drops is on the list, ERG! GOOD LUCK!

Have a wonderful day dear followers,

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Go Home!

Okay, so yesterday I was at the house most of the day and I let Project Pete out to graze while I was working. He stays pretty close to the back of the house so  I figured he'd be okay if I took the mower and went up over the hill. I had been there for over an hour when I see Pete running down the hill. RUNNING! This was the first day that he wanted to run, it was amazing. He ran down the hill and stopped. I turned off the mower and sat there, in disbelief that A) he was running B) that he ran over the hill to find me and C) because I wasn't sure if he was going to keep running or not. I looked at him, smiled, and asked him, "What are you doing over here, you don't belong here?" Then I raised my arm and pointed towards the house and told him to "Go Home" at that he paused a second, turned, and ran off. I thought for a minute and was like Ok, Cool, but then I thought maybe I should ride the mower back to the house to see where he went. When I got there, I didn't see him anywhere, I was dreading that he passed the house and kept going. I looked around the yard, looked at the grass along the front of the property to see if there were hoof marks, nothing. I went towards the barn to get a lead rope, in case I needed to take off in the car to find him... and there he was standing in the barn, waiting for me. He just looked at me like "What, I did what you said. Now, feed me!" It was SO funny, he knew what time it was, came to look for me to "remind" me he was still there, and was ready for dinner. I was honestly in shock that he actually went home when I told him and that he was at "his" home, in the barn!

On another note, here are a couple photos of the new baby!

She is SO cute, not sure what we are going to name her yet.... we'll see!

On another note, I am totally excited. I bought some Rump Rub from Lil' Outlaws the other day and I am dying for it to get here in the mail! I had to put my baby girl in disposables for a day and every time I do she gets a rash when she poops. Well, I put her back in cloth, but it wouldn't go away. I had to put her back in disposables to use diaper rash cream because I didn't have any that is safe for cloth diapers... It is still taking FOREVER to get rid of it because she has to be in the disposables to use the cream, it will get a little better, then worse, then better, then worse every time she poops. I REALLY want to get her back in cloth so I broke down and bought some Rump Rub. I'll let you know what I think once we get it. I also ordered more Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent from Lil' Outlaws, I have already been using it and LOVE it. I got two different scents this time, I think I got Fruit Loops and a Cherry Pie something or other, I'll tell you the exact name when I get it. Currently I use the Millionaire scented detergent, it smells good, but I wanted to try something fruity this time around ;o)  

Something really cool happened at church last night. We were having our Women's bible study when a random lady shows up. She wasn't there for our group but was looking for something totally different. But it turns out we were exactly what she needed. God works in mysterious ways, I think he does it to keep things interesting, hehe!

Well, I better head out! Thanks for listening dear followers!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Blessed to be with you!

Sometimes we stay after church for lunch. Our church does a carry in after services to help save money on going out to eat after church. Its a great idea, we always have great food and it is so much fun to talk to all the church members. Sometimes we are able to stay and sometimes we are not, this past Sunday we were able to stay. I was just getting in line and had grabbed my plate when a young girl came up to me, maybe 8 years old. I didn't recognize her so I asked if she was a visitor and she said yes, she came with some friends. I nodded and told her that was great and then she said the sweetest thing I think I have heard an 8 year old say. She looked at me with so much caring and compassion and said "Blessed to be with you". If it is possible, I believe that at that moment my heart smiled. Can you imagine if everyone treated each other like that and as we passed each other on the streets or in stores and everyone said "Blessed to be with you"? WOW! Now that is the kind of world that I would LOVE for my baby girl to grow up in!

Yesterday we had a baby horse, a foal, born. It was a little girl, filly. She is such a cutie and her Mama, Libby, is a great mom. She is much bigger than any of the babies we've had in the past. She doesn't look like she was just born, she looks about 1 week old already. I will post pictures as soon as I can. She is just  doll. We are lucky that she made it. Her Mama came in with a group of neglected horses, many of the mares that were pregnant delivered prematurely and the babies didn't make it because they were so underdeveloped. She was the only one that was born full term and healthy. We will be thinking of names for the new little one in the next couple days... I want to see what type of personality she has.

Project Pete is loosing his hair on his face, I think it is from the lice he used to have. They are all dead now but the hair is just rubbing off. Right now he sort of looks like a freak of nature with a half bald face... but it will grow back ;o) He got to go outside for a long time yesterday, which he loved, of course. I gave him a bath two days ago with an Oatmeal shampoo to help his dry skin. If anyone has any REALLY good horse shampoos for dry skin, please tell me or if you sell some, maybe we can use that as a Review and Giveaway?!? That would be fun! Well, anyways, Pete wasn't too fond of being sprayed with the hose, but after a while he got used to it. We just had to do a couple circles until he got used to it, nothing too bad though. He is such a sweet little guy. I swear I'm going to have him bomb proof by the time I get his weight on... he didn't get too upset when I sprayed his backside off with the hose, which I thought would have invoked a bigger reaction but didn't. He had just an awesome personality, and there really isn't another word to describe him.

Great news, I had my first comment on my blog, YES! Thank you Veronica from the Mom Bloggers Club!

Well, that is all I have for right now!
I'll write again soon dear followers!


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