Friday, December 03, 2010

Liquid Diet & Merry Fluffy Christmas

"Does liquid diet really mean no food?" - My Hubby

"Yes, honey, that means no food" - Me as I laughed at my Hubby

Poor guy had to go in for a colonoscopy yesterday and the day before he had to be on a liquid diet. He was so hungry and exhausted all day. It made me seriously laugh when he asked me that question, I think he thought maybe I would give in a make him something to eat. I didn't, I just laughed and made him stick strictly to the doctor's orders.  Poor baby didn't get any sympathy from me! I was really impressed that he actually went in and had the procedure done, he usually avoids doctors like the plague. Since having our daughter, however he seems to want to take better care of himself, which I think is awesome. She is an inspiration to him and that is just too cool and makes him want to be healthy so that he can be there for her as she grows up. Most men his age have teenage kids or kids that are grown in college, but the baby making business just came a little later in his life than normal people. Although you would never be able to tell, he can out work a lot of younger men, hands down. That is one thing that I really admire about him, his drive. He has such drive to achieve whatever NEEDS to be done and does it without hesitation or complaint. He has such a drive to do good as well and always wants to "make the world a better place". I'm pretty sure everyday he asks himself how he can make the world a better place and believes he can do it. I wish I had as much drive as he does... it takes me forever to get something done and I wear out faster than him, which can be so annoying sometimes because I'm much younger, lol....

On another note I found a cool giveaway on at the Children Teaching Mama blog. It's called Merry Fluffy Christmas and there are several blogs giving away things from Dec. 1-5th. I found it on the 1st and planned on posting it that night, except my internet went out and it FINALLY started functioning again today! Anyways, go here to check out information on the remaining giveaways, tons of REALLY cool stuff!

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