Saturday, May 22, 2010

Long Time No See

Sorry my dear followers, things have been a little crazy around here and I haven't been faithfully writing as much as I would have liked. Here is a brief about what has been going on...

Project Pete is doing very well... he and his "girlfriend" Lucy get to go outside together every day and come in at night for grain and also get grained in the morning before they go out. He is looking a TON better and I hope to get new photos of him this coming week.

Did I mention that I LOVE my Lil' Outlaws Rump Rub? It is awesome!

Oh the stories I could tell about our dear mustangs... we had to castrate two of them this weekend... they aren't really domesticated but they aren't really wild. They don't really want you to touch them but at the same time, want the treats you have. I was REALLY nervous about their castrations, I just KNEW someone, usually me, would get hurt. Luckily all went well and both were castrated with out any issues and no one got hurt in the process, which is ALWAYS good!

My baby girl has cut 6 teeth, its crazy! She is starting to pull herself up and stand... she is trying to let go of things while standing and it is just too cool! I can't believe that she is almost 11 months already, it doesn't seem possible. At each stage she gets to I think that it is my favorite stage and then she reaches another milestone and I love that stage as well. Its just crazy! We went to Babies R Us and bought some foam stuff to put around the edge and the corners of our coffee table because that is where she likes to play the most and that is where she hits her head the most. Once we got it home and placed it around the top edges we realized we should have bought another set for the underside edges of the table... We also bought those thingies that go on your cabnets, which I HATE, erg, yeah they are baby proof, but I spend about five minutes trying to get them off every time I want to get into my cabnets. We also had to buy a new carseat because she is getting so big. I had thought our infant carseat would hold her until 25 pounds but as we were taking it out of the van I looked on the side and read it only supported up to 22 pounds, which Katelynn was at, so it was good that we got the new one when we did. We bought the Graco MyRide 65 Convertable Carseat. I toyed with the idea of getting the cute pink girly one but thought again when I realized we may have a second baby in the future and IF it happens to be a boy, he would be stuck with a pink hand me down carseat in the future, SO I opted to go with one that matched the decor/colors inside my van. I believe the fabric style is called Spirals. It is very nice and I like it realy well. She was too big for the infant insert, so we packed it away with her infant carseat. She looks so tiny in her new carseat, so I'm hoping it lasts us for a while. It seems comfortable, she didn't cry or fuss when we secured her in the seat for her first trip in it. I like how it has cup holders on the sides for future use! I was slightly concerned about the fact that the croch buckle doesn't adjust, but it is so far forward that I don't think she will have any problems with it as she grows.

Well, I think I'm going to call it, my dear sweet baby keeps trying to launch herself off the couch as I type... she wants to sit with me and then sees something interesting.

Good night dear followers!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lil' Outlaws Rocks Our World

Okay, so several posts ago I wrote about the issue I had with Pampers Cruiser with Dry Max. Well, I ordered the Lil' Outlaws Rump Rub and it is in. I've been using it this week and the verdict is in...

WE LOVE IT! Sometimes when my baby's bum is sore with diaper rash the diaper rash creams hurt to ever put on her, she just cries and cries... but not Lil' Outlaws Rump Rub! My baby girl just smiles and giggles because it feels so good on her sore bum. I bought the unscented version, but it comes in several great scents. The unscented version smells good and is soft and silky on the skin.

Katelynn Approved, we give it an A+!
Where to Find Lil' Outlaws Rump Rub:
Cost: $12.00 for the standard 4oz tub or a 4oz squeeze tube.

Thanks Lil' Outlaws for your GREAT product, no more tears from Diaper Rash!

Friday, May 14, 2010

First Birthday Coming Up

My baby girl is turning One VERY soon and I need to start planning her Birthday party! I know I want to do a Mickey Mouse Theme since she just LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on PlayhouseDisney. Her Grandma even bought her a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that she loves, well she loves his tail cause it hangs out the back of him and is interesting to her, hehe. Other than the whole Mickey Mouse Theme idea, I've got nothing... What do you do for a One Year old? Will she remember her birthday? Will she enjoy a party? I don't think I really care because we will have the memories and I think that is whats important.

As I type, I am looking over and I see the sweetest thing. My dear husband holding our daughter while she falls asleep. And on his face, sheer bliss...she make a bad day GREAT, she gives purpose to each day, she is his world. She falls alseep so much easier on him than in my arms. His arms are strong and comforting, its no wonder she crashes when he hold her.  It also helps that we have her Disney Lullaby movie on, it helps for those nights when she is fighting sleep really bad.

Project Pete has been doing so well that I decided to take him up to the big barn. He goes outside in the pasture for most of the day and comes in before dark. It seesms to be working out really good for him plus he has a Best Friend, her name is Lucy. They are like two peas in a pod and are usually no more than a foot away from eachother.

I'm sure there is more to type, but it is getting late and I am ready for some downtime then bed!
Goodnight dear followers!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life Ending Before It Begins

Well, today was a sad sad day... we had another mare that delievered today. She had a Red Bag foal and the people around didn't know to cut her out immediatly and she passed away. It was a little filly and she was BEAUTIFUL, brown and white spotted.

I am too tired to finish tonight, I will write more tomorrow... sorry to leave everyone hanging, its been a long day!

See you tomorrow dear followers!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Stuff Around The Farm

Okay, so this post is going to be picture heavy... I'm going to post random pictures from around the farm! Enjoy!

This was taken at 6:00AM when my dogs insisted on going out to potty, even the baby wasn't up yet!
From left to right (Fugit, Ryder, Sadie, Dottie, Eva)

Betty & Little Bit, two boarded horses, peeking into the barn.

LOL, the cute birdhouse my Grandma gave me!

Mira, my Quarter Horse Mare looking into the roundpen watching the new baby play.

Red Daisy type flower I got for Mother's Day at church for being the youngest Mom!

Tail feathers on my Rhode Island Red Rooster.

Scarlett another boarded horse.

"Project Pete" mowing the grass for me, lol!

I have these weeds growing up around the front of the little barn at the house and they have these cute little yellow flowers on them, they look cool but the weeds are getting out of control...time to string trim them.

Our new baby girl stretching her legs out in the round pen!

Baby Face!

I hope you enjoyed my random pictures!

Well, I think I posted on here about getting some Lil' Outlaws Rump Rub, well it came in today, YEAH! I figured out what was going on with Katelynn's bottom, it was the disposible diapers I was using, gave her a chemical burn. I used Pampers Swaddlers on her when she was really little and up until about February, that is when I switched to Cloth. I never had a problem with the Pamers giving her a rash but I did have problems with every other brand out there, even Huggies. Well,  I bought some Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max so that Katelynn's Grandma didn't have to try to figure out the cloth stuff since she has been helping out at the house so I can work with the horses a little more. Well, the new Pampers made her little bottom raw and it started bleeding. I thought maybe it was her pee or her poop that was irritating her so I kept using disposibles so that I could use Butt Paste on her until I got my Rump Rub. Well, I went ahead and bought some Huggies while I was waiting because one of the ladies on my group at suggested it may be chemical burn from the diaper... well it sure was, after changing the brand then next day she was 80% better.  I put her back in the cloth diapers as soon as her bottom was about 90% better and I've been anxiously waiting for it to come in to see if it will take care of the 10% rash we still have. I'll let you know what happens!

Thanks for hanging in there while I rant! I dispise diaper rash!
See you again soon dear followers!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day to All!

Happy Mother's Day, I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday with their family and kids. I look forward to the day when my baby girl is old enough to make me Mother's Day presents like drawings or paintings. At church Sunday the Moms were given flowers to take home to plant, I have 3 and I hope that I don't kill them, I do NOT have a green thumb at all.... one is a Daisy of some sort and the other two are Begonias... so we will see if they make it!

Project Pete never ceases to crack me up. Again the other day I had him loose in the yard, well I went inside for a moment and when I did our little dogs wanted to go out to potty so I let them out. All of a sudden I hear our farm dog Joey barking, his, "Um people you need to pay attention" bark. I went outside and Pete was following the dogs along the front of the property, they like to potty across the street in the tall grass sometimes, don't ask me why. So, I yelled "Hey, what are you doing? You don't belong over there" and both Pete and the dogs came walking back to me... silly pony. He's starting to get more curious as he puts on more weight. Oh, almost forgot, he got his hooves trimmed about two days ago... but he was a little bit of a pain cause he didn't want to stand still... SO we will continue to work on that. I think the main problem was that they were outside with him and he thinks if he is outside he doesn't have to do anything. I always pick his feet up in the barn in his stall and he does ok there.... but I wasn't able to be out with him when he got done or I would have suggested it. I tried to add some Corn Oil to his grain to help him pick up more weight as well as help his skin but is gave him some loose stool so I stopped... bummer... trying to figure out what to do cause his skin is SO dry.

Ok Momma's out there! Stop by The Cloth Diaper Report and enter to win an organic Mommy & Me T-shirt (or onesie) set of their choice from CafePress. Giveaway ends 5/12/2010

Well that is all I have today dear followers!

Friday, May 07, 2010

RECALLS on Children and Infant Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, and Zyrtec

Emergency POST!

Well, I feel like a horrible mother, I JUST now today found this recall and last night I gave Baby K some of the Tylenol that was on the list. The Recall was put out on April 30, 2010. Check out this site to read about which specific NDC numbers to look for on Children's and Infant Tylenol, Children's and Infant Motrin, Children's Benadryl and Children's Zyrtec. They will give you a refund or a high value coupon if you have the products on the list. TWO of my bottles of Tylenol Infant drops are on the list AND one bottle of Motrin Infant Drops is on the list, ERG! GOOD LUCK!

Have a wonderful day dear followers,

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Go Home!

Okay, so yesterday I was at the house most of the day and I let Project Pete out to graze while I was working. He stays pretty close to the back of the house so  I figured he'd be okay if I took the mower and went up over the hill. I had been there for over an hour when I see Pete running down the hill. RUNNING! This was the first day that he wanted to run, it was amazing. He ran down the hill and stopped. I turned off the mower and sat there, in disbelief that A) he was running B) that he ran over the hill to find me and C) because I wasn't sure if he was going to keep running or not. I looked at him, smiled, and asked him, "What are you doing over here, you don't belong here?" Then I raised my arm and pointed towards the house and told him to "Go Home" at that he paused a second, turned, and ran off. I thought for a minute and was like Ok, Cool, but then I thought maybe I should ride the mower back to the house to see where he went. When I got there, I didn't see him anywhere, I was dreading that he passed the house and kept going. I looked around the yard, looked at the grass along the front of the property to see if there were hoof marks, nothing. I went towards the barn to get a lead rope, in case I needed to take off in the car to find him... and there he was standing in the barn, waiting for me. He just looked at me like "What, I did what you said. Now, feed me!" It was SO funny, he knew what time it was, came to look for me to "remind" me he was still there, and was ready for dinner. I was honestly in shock that he actually went home when I told him and that he was at "his" home, in the barn!

On another note, here are a couple photos of the new baby!

She is SO cute, not sure what we are going to name her yet.... we'll see!

On another note, I am totally excited. I bought some Rump Rub from Lil' Outlaws the other day and I am dying for it to get here in the mail! I had to put my baby girl in disposables for a day and every time I do she gets a rash when she poops. Well, I put her back in cloth, but it wouldn't go away. I had to put her back in disposables to use diaper rash cream because I didn't have any that is safe for cloth diapers... It is still taking FOREVER to get rid of it because she has to be in the disposables to use the cream, it will get a little better, then worse, then better, then worse every time she poops. I REALLY want to get her back in cloth so I broke down and bought some Rump Rub. I'll let you know what I think once we get it. I also ordered more Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent from Lil' Outlaws, I have already been using it and LOVE it. I got two different scents this time, I think I got Fruit Loops and a Cherry Pie something or other, I'll tell you the exact name when I get it. Currently I use the Millionaire scented detergent, it smells good, but I wanted to try something fruity this time around ;o)  

Something really cool happened at church last night. We were having our Women's bible study when a random lady shows up. She wasn't there for our group but was looking for something totally different. But it turns out we were exactly what she needed. God works in mysterious ways, I think he does it to keep things interesting, hehe!

Well, I better head out! Thanks for listening dear followers!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Blessed to be with you!

Sometimes we stay after church for lunch. Our church does a carry in after services to help save money on going out to eat after church. Its a great idea, we always have great food and it is so much fun to talk to all the church members. Sometimes we are able to stay and sometimes we are not, this past Sunday we were able to stay. I was just getting in line and had grabbed my plate when a young girl came up to me, maybe 8 years old. I didn't recognize her so I asked if she was a visitor and she said yes, she came with some friends. I nodded and told her that was great and then she said the sweetest thing I think I have heard an 8 year old say. She looked at me with so much caring and compassion and said "Blessed to be with you". If it is possible, I believe that at that moment my heart smiled. Can you imagine if everyone treated each other like that and as we passed each other on the streets or in stores and everyone said "Blessed to be with you"? WOW! Now that is the kind of world that I would LOVE for my baby girl to grow up in!

Yesterday we had a baby horse, a foal, born. It was a little girl, filly. She is such a cutie and her Mama, Libby, is a great mom. She is much bigger than any of the babies we've had in the past. She doesn't look like she was just born, she looks about 1 week old already. I will post pictures as soon as I can. She is just  doll. We are lucky that she made it. Her Mama came in with a group of neglected horses, many of the mares that were pregnant delivered prematurely and the babies didn't make it because they were so underdeveloped. She was the only one that was born full term and healthy. We will be thinking of names for the new little one in the next couple days... I want to see what type of personality she has.

Project Pete is loosing his hair on his face, I think it is from the lice he used to have. They are all dead now but the hair is just rubbing off. Right now he sort of looks like a freak of nature with a half bald face... but it will grow back ;o) He got to go outside for a long time yesterday, which he loved, of course. I gave him a bath two days ago with an Oatmeal shampoo to help his dry skin. If anyone has any REALLY good horse shampoos for dry skin, please tell me or if you sell some, maybe we can use that as a Review and Giveaway?!? That would be fun! Well, anyways, Pete wasn't too fond of being sprayed with the hose, but after a while he got used to it. We just had to do a couple circles until he got used to it, nothing too bad though. He is such a sweet little guy. I swear I'm going to have him bomb proof by the time I get his weight on... he didn't get too upset when I sprayed his backside off with the hose, which I thought would have invoked a bigger reaction but didn't. He had just an awesome personality, and there really isn't another word to describe him.

Great news, I had my first comment on my blog, YES! Thank you Veronica from the Mom Bloggers Club!

Well, that is all I have for right now!
I'll write again soon dear followers!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

I finally figured out what I want to do!

Uhg, not sure what is going on today but my allergies have been acting up really bad. I took a Zyrtec and it seems to be helping but now I'm fuzzy like my head is congested, I hope I'm not getting sick. I can't get sick, I've got way too much to do. I had allergies a lot when I was younger and took Zyrtec before it was over the counter, but instead of every once and a while, I took it EVERY day. I never had any side affects or anything and it always worked like a charm. I was allergic to pollen, dust, mold, all animals, grass clippings, hay, stuff like that. Shortly after I turned 19 my allergies, along with my asthma seemed to disappear and I no longer had to take the Zyrtec or my asthma medication. I was SO happy, it was really hard growing up having these medical conditions, wanting to be like the other kids and do things the other kids could do, but being unable. I used to have to walk the mile in gym, not because I was lazy, but because if I ran my asthma would kick in and I couldn't breath. It STUNK big time! I am so thankful everyday that I no longer have these problems. I praying that Baby K doesn't inherit these traits... but at least I will know how she feels and be able to help her to the best of my abilities because I was in those shoes before!

On a brighter note, I've figured out what I want to do! I just have to figure out where to start and to convince my dear sweet husband that its a good idea! Keep an eye on the blog for my idea coming to life! You'll know it when you see it, plus I will promote it like crazy!

Project Pete has hit a tiny snag, he has some loose stool, not bad just not as firm as it was. I will be getting some Yogurt soon to try that on him, try to get some good bacteria back in his tummy. He still has a good appetite and is happy to see me, so that hasn't changed, which is good too. I took some pictures today, his winter hair is shedding, so is coat looks a little different. I was slightly bummed that his pictures didn't show a HUGE difference, but we are still early in the game. I also took a photo of where he lives so everyone can see his bedroom ;o) He seems to like it pretty good. He gets to go outside and graze while I feed the rest of the crew and then he is happy to go back. I'm trying to keep him calm so that he doesn't run off all the weight I'm trying to put back on him. Every day I love him more and more, it will be bittersweet when he is healthy and ready to find a forever home. Pete has so much potential and is just a doll, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. 

Well, my baby is in bed, its been a long day, or week rather, and I'm ready for bed!
Good night and God Bless my dear followers!


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