Thursday, November 04, 2010

Getting Closer, but Oh So Far Away!

Well, I'm now 25 weeks along. The new baby is getting more and more active, which is nice because for a while I was getting nervous something was wrong because she just wasn't as active as my first daughter was at this stage. My belly feels so big already and can't imagine getting any bigger, although I know I will most definitely be HUGE by the time #2 is due.

This week was pretty busy... I had to go in to the doctor's office to get a couple moles removed... not because we thought something was wrong with them, but because they keep getting bigger and bigger. I'm pretty much blaming it on the pregnancy hormones. My daughter kept messing with the one on my chest, trying to pinch it off, so we decided to just go in and have it and another on taken off before she actually did rip it off. My doctors did pretty good from what I can tell, they are healing fine and don't really hurt at all, just itch a little. I was surprised that they didn't hurt right the lidocaine wore off, but nothing, which is cool because I was still able to fold clothes and wash dishes like normal and pick up my daughter without being uncomfortable. All in all it was an okay experience, I was a little nervous at first, but it went really well. They sent the moles off to get tested and tests came back and they are just normal moles, no cancer cells or anything.

Yesterday, I had to make a trip to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. Everything looks good there too, no cavities, yeah! Word to the wise, get your teeth cleaned BEFORE you get pregnant. It wasn't a bad experience, I was just uncomfortable laying on my back because my belly is so heavy now. I couldn't have done it at the beginning of my pregnancy because of the morning sickness and my easy to activate gag reflex. I was a little nauseous laying on my back but the dental assistant was nice and raised the back of my chair higher than normal to help me out, which I GREATLY appreciated.

I can't believe how much my baby girl is growing up. When everyone tells you that time flies when it comes to kids, you never really understand it until you have kids yourself. I am totally amazed at how smart she is and how fast she learns. 16 months, wow! This morning I brought her into bed to hang out and watch cartoons, I just sat there and watched her. She is her own little person now, with her own little personality and mannerisms. Amazing!

Oh well, I better get back to work!
Talk to you later dear followers,


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