Friday, August 27, 2010

OK, Back...

Sorry about that... a friend of mine was going to be late getting home and asked me if I would wait for her grandson to get off the bus... they live just at the corner so I drove our golf cart down and waited for him to get off the bus... so I had to take a pause from the blog, but I'm back :o) Ok, now what was I talking about before... oh yes, my disappearance and being pregnant... everything seems to be going soothly, but I did have a minor scare. I went to the doctor at about 12 weeks because I wasn't feeling good. Well the doctor was trying to use the doppler to hear the heartbeat and couldn't find it... he had his nurse try and she couldn't find it either. So, they had be sent to another room for an ultrasound... they wait was horrible, I was trying to stay calm and not panic... I was afraid that the baby was dead because no one found the heartbeat. Good news however, the baby was fine and moving around, had a strong heartbeat, the little booger was just very far back and moving around. It was cool to have another ultrasound earlier than I was supposed to, I'm supposed to go in Sept. 28th to find out if it is a girl or boy (although for some reason I FEEL like its a boy). Unfortunatly though the contrast was off on the machine's printer so the picture she printed came out all funky so I didn't get a picture to take home. Well, its getting close to closing time so I'm going to get things together!
Have wonderful day dear followers and I will try not to stay away so long anymore!


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