Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Stuff Around The Farm

Okay, so this post is going to be picture heavy... I'm going to post random pictures from around the farm! Enjoy!

This was taken at 6:00AM when my dogs insisted on going out to potty, even the baby wasn't up yet!
From left to right (Fugit, Ryder, Sadie, Dottie, Eva)

Betty & Little Bit, two boarded horses, peeking into the barn.

LOL, the cute birdhouse my Grandma gave me!

Mira, my Quarter Horse Mare looking into the roundpen watching the new baby play.

Red Daisy type flower I got for Mother's Day at church for being the youngest Mom!

Tail feathers on my Rhode Island Red Rooster.

Scarlett another boarded horse.

"Project Pete" mowing the grass for me, lol!

I have these weeds growing up around the front of the little barn at the house and they have these cute little yellow flowers on them, they look cool but the weeds are getting out of control...time to string trim them.

Our new baby girl stretching her legs out in the round pen!

Baby Face!

I hope you enjoyed my random pictures!

Well, I think I posted on here about getting some Lil' Outlaws Rump Rub, well it came in today, YEAH! I figured out what was going on with Katelynn's bottom, it was the disposible diapers I was using, gave her a chemical burn. I used Pampers Swaddlers on her when she was really little and up until about February, that is when I switched to Cloth. I never had a problem with the Pamers giving her a rash but I did have problems with every other brand out there, even Huggies. Well,  I bought some Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max so that Katelynn's Grandma didn't have to try to figure out the cloth stuff since she has been helping out at the house so I can work with the horses a little more. Well, the new Pampers made her little bottom raw and it started bleeding. I thought maybe it was her pee or her poop that was irritating her so I kept using disposibles so that I could use Butt Paste on her until I got my Rump Rub. Well, I went ahead and bought some Huggies while I was waiting because one of the ladies on my group at CafeMom.com suggested it may be chemical burn from the diaper... well it sure was, after changing the brand then next day she was 80% better.  I put her back in the cloth diapers as soon as her bottom was about 90% better and I've been anxiously waiting for it to come in to see if it will take care of the 10% rash we still have. I'll let you know what happens!

Thanks for hanging in there while I rant! I dispise diaper rash!
See you again soon dear followers!


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