Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Standing UP!

This morning my dear sweet baby was awakened by the thunderstorm at about 6:30AM. Mommy is not a morning person, so 6:30AM is REALLY early for us. Usually she will sleep until 8:00AMish, sometimes earlier sometimes later, but not 6:30AM early. Well, I decided to bring her to bed with me and give her a bottle in hopes that she would fall back asleep... no such luck. We ended up hanging out in bed and watched cartoons on the Disney Channel until it was time for me to get ready to head to the farm. Well, she started getting brave and would lean forward and put her hands on the bed, then stand with her legs and lift her body into the standing position... without holding on to anything!!! I was amazed! She did this several times and on the bed, which isn't that easy to stand up on and balance for some adults let alone a baby! So today we reached yet another milestone, Standing by herself without holding onto anything! Wow! I have to say, I love having a phone with a video recorder on it, I have the LG Shine Slider Phone, which takes good pictures and videos, but I don't like it other than those things and you can't "butt dial" with it. Sometimes the phone will randomly turn off, or it won't tell me I have a text message until hours or a day later, the slider is annoying I liked my flip phone better, the outside scratches easy,  but I will continue to use it until my account allows me to get another free phone, which is how I got the LG Shine... which was a bad move, but I'll live with it. 

We decided to watch the new Disney movie The Princess and the Frog last night... I have to say that I was less than impressed with it... what is happening to Disney? I LOVED Disney movies growing up and they were all very cool... I didn't really like The Princess and the Frog. It was a good story, but the whole voodoo man thing was a bit weird to me. I would think that little kids would be afraid of shadows after seeing this movie, it was freaky how the shadows came and got the frogs several times, WEIRD! Can't say that I will be buying that one, thats for sure.

Well, the other day I was playing on my hubby's laptop and came across this cool movie maker program that I had no idea was on his laptop. I decided to take photos of Katelynn's First Year and put together something. It is coming along well, but I am still learning (or teaching myself) how to use the program... so hopefully I can have it up and running and uploaded to facebook or youtube by her first birthday! I would REALLY like to do some giveaways for her 1st birthday, I'm hoping to contact some people to see if they will sponsor one, maybe I can get some more followers that way!

Have a wonderful evening dear followers!


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