Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Icky Day

Well, today is an icky day...cold and rainy, but not a consistent rain but annoying off and on sprinkles. All I wanted to do this morning was sleep in... but that didn't happen, the baby was up at 6:30AM. I put her to bed late last night in hopes that she would sleep in but no such luck. It's funny how you never really think about the fact that when you have babies that your days of sleeping in will come to an end. Some days I long for the times when I was young myself and on Saturday I could be lazy and sleep in past my alarm clock setting... Oh those were the days. The only thing that makes "having" to get up early is the excitement, joy, happiness that shines on my daughter's face when I go into her bedroom to get her in the mornings. She is always SO happy to see me, EVERY day, I love it! And it make not being able to sleep in seem like a privilege.

Anyhow....On a totally random subject... I was messing around on the internet and posting things on Twitter about looking for crayons yesterday when I was sent this link from @iColor3D . Naturally, I was curious as to how you color in 3D so I visited their website and facebook page. I'm thoroughly amused by the idea of coloring in 3D, I guess that is the big kid in me coming out! I love coloring, especially with my daughter. I just recently introduced the world of crayons and coloring books to her, which she immediately picked up on and has come to LOVE, hence my search for perfect crayons for her. Well, I'm crossing my fingers that iColor3D will decide to send me a product to review... we'll see!  I REALLY want to get the product reviews and giveaways started and hoping THIS will be my leg in! Even if they don't I felt the urge to share this product because A) They sound COOL and B) They were nice enough to answer my Tweet about Crayons and 3) It will help promote a really unique product for kids, which is AWESOME!

Thanks for listening dear followers! And if you have time check out iColor3D!


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