Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Travel Baby

I have to brag a little! I have THE BEST TRAVEL BABY EVER! I can't believe how well Katelynn does in the car. She sleeps, eatss, and plays really well through car rides, like as in a 4 hour car ride. I know it sounds silly, but I think she ROCKS, and I really believe that if it were longer than 4 hours, I think she would be fine as well. One of the things she loves the most is her mirror. She has a fun Mirror in front of her with little animals animals on it... its the Fisher Price Precious Planet Auto Mobile Mirror pictured to the left. She absolutly loves it and has since she was teeny tiny. There is a small button and a dial on the bottom that turns on music and lets you set at time limit for the music to play. Its seems like she has been watching and paying attention to that button since the day we got it. Now that she is mobile and able to move her fingers and grab everthing, the first thing she does when we put  her in her car seat is sit forward and try to push the button to turn the music on... it is so cute. She uses her index finger and pushes the button. If the music goes off and she wants to listen to it some more, but is restrained in the seat she will use her toes to turn it on, lol, how funny!

It really helps during travel that can hold her own bottle too. When she is hungry al I have to do is mix up the bottle and hand it to her and she can feed herself. Which she doesn't mind doing and is really good at! She is also really good at entertaining herself... I'll give her a toy and she will play with it for quite a while before she gets bored with it... then all I have to do is give her a different toy and the process repeats. Sleeping is a key component too and she has no problem falling asleep in the car. I was somewhat concerned that she would have to adjust to her new carseat, the Graco MyRide 65 before she would be comfortable sleeping in the car, but she has no problems sleeping. It looks pretty comfortable and I believe she thinks so as well. She doesn't protest about getting in and being restrained. Its like she is ok with it because it is comfortable.

Now why was she in the car for 4 hours? We were spontaneous yesterday and decided to take a road trip to visit some friends and family! It was a good trip and a great visit... sometimes its really nice to just getaway for the day! ;o) The drive home was killer for me, I was exhausted. Katelynn on the other hand made the 4 hour drive home without any problems and slept pretty much the whole way home... I was nervous about this because I was SO tired and I knew if she wokeup when we got home that it would be "playtime" when Mommy wanted to go to bed. Luckily, she was still tired and we took her straight from the car to her crib and she still slept through the night! I LOVE MY BABY! She is awesome!

Well, I must go, Katelynn and I are off to the office today!
Have a wonderful day dear followers!


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