Friday, December 17, 2010

Crazy Call Conspiracy Theory

Last night my hubby comes home from work and said he got an odd call. Naturally this make me curious so I prodded him to continue with the story. Evidently, somehow, a Company (who will remain nameless... only because I can't remember which one it was right now) selling testing devices for Diabetics called him and left a message but didn't say who it was or who the call was for. When he called the number back he told the call receiver that he had gotten a message from that number and he was trying to return the phone call. The lady on the other end asked him if he recently had a Glucose test, he said no but my wife had one at the beginning of the week. Odd, no? He asked them how they knew someone in the house had had a Glucose test and how did they get HIS phone number. Now, I don't give out my hubby's phone number if I don't have to and only list him for Emergency Contacts so I have NO idea how they got his number to begin with. We came up with a Conspiracy Theory... we assume that someone in the hospital is monitoring which people come in for glucose tests and then reporting their information to this Company and making some profit on the side... interesting huh? If we are even remotely close on our Conspiracy Theory, isn't it wrong, what about Patient Confidentiality rights? I know it was only a Glucose test and that a phone call doesn't hurt anyone, but where do these people draw the line with "selling" information? Just some food for thought...

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