Monday, November 15, 2010

Why is this baby in such a hurry?

Well, yet another small scare for us....

Everything has been going fine all week, I took it easy, nothing happened, everything was great. So, we decided to go grocery shopping yesterday and get some stuff before the last minute Thanksgiving flock invaded. I hadn't been doing much walking all week, so walking around the store was a little uncomfortable but nothing too bad that I wasn't able to ignore. Well, when we got home, after we put the groceries away and settled down I noticed I was having some "cramps". Well, then I noticed these "cramps" were pretty consistent and close together... about 3-6 minutes apart. My dear sweet hubby started to get nervous and wanted me to call the doctor's office. So, I called, and my orders were to drink a bunch of water and lay down, if they didn't stop after 30 minutes I was to go into the hospital. Well, I did what they said, but waited a little longer than 30 minutes and they stopped. I was fine the rest of the night and felt pretty good this morning. I just don't understand why this baby is in such a big hurry to get here, she still has about 3 months to go, I'm only 27 weeks (today) along. Needless to say I probably won't be going grocery shopping again until after the baby is born. Just another thing my dear sweet hubby has to take on while we wait for this baby to finish "baking". Well, stay tuned, I'm hoping nothing more will happen, but this baby has a mind of her own already.

On another note, I'm looking for some FAT crayons for my daughter to try out? Anyone know where I can find some? I tried to let her color but the regular size crayons break to easy when she scribbles, she is only 16 months, so she doesn't have fine motor skills. I bought her some Crayola Large Crayons yesterday while we are out and we are trying them out today, but they still seem a little too thin, when I say FAT, I mean I want FAT Crayons!

I would LOVE to do a Review and Giveaway for some FAT Crayons! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for listening dear followers!



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