Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pregnancy Updates and Cool Twitter Parties Coming Up

Well, we made yet another trip to the hospital around 9:30PM the night before Thanksgiving. I was having cramps/contractions all day long but nothing consistent. Well around 9:00PM I went to the bathroom and there was blood, so off we went to the hospital. Once again they hooked me up to some monitors, did an ultrasound, took some blood, and ran some tests. Good news is that the baby is fine and my cervix hasn't changed. The doctor said that there isn't any reason why I won't go full term with this little girl, which was a relief to hear. So, why was I having all the cramps/contractions? Well I have a bladder infection and since my hormones are up I have the normal pregnancy bacteria issue as well... SO now I'm on 2 antibiotics and haven't felt any cramps/contractions since I've been taking them, which I guess means that we FINALLY found the problem! I'm hoping that this will fix the problems for good and the last 2.5 months will be breeze.

We got home at bout 1:30AM and in the morning we were up getting food ready for Thanksgiving. Luckily, our friends that were joining us for Thanksgiving Dinner took on a large portion of the cooking and I only had to prepare 3 dishes, Green Bean Casserole, Corn Pudding, and my Great Grandma's Yeast Rolls (which are a family tradition/secret on my mother's side). Thanksgiving went great, we had enough food to feed at least 5 more people, maybe even more, lol! Our friends brought THE BEST desert I've ever had for Thanksgiving, it was a Pecan Streusel Pumpkin Pie, YUM!

My mom and sister (and her three kids) all came to visit us the day after Thanksgiving. This was the first time I saw my new nephew, he was born in October. Holding him, I just couldn't remember my baby girl being so little, although I know in reality she was that little at one time. When your parents tell you that your babies grow up really fast you don't really understand it until you have your own and watch time just fly by. It was quiet a unique experience for me to have FOUR kiddos under 4 in my house at one time. Normally, my baby girl and I are here by ourselves and its pretty quiet. They were all SO entertaining playing together and running around, it was just too cute for words! Today we are back to our normal routine... our world is slow and quiet again, lol!

Okay Ladies, thought I would let everyone know about some upcoming Twitter Parties that I think would be cool, so here you go: Holiday Twitter Party

When: “Cyber Sunday,” 11/28 from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. ET
Where: #diapersdotcom on Twitter
How: To participate, use the hashtag and follow me at @ResourcefulMom and our sponsor at @diapersdotcom
Participants will be chosen at random to receive gift codes in increasing amounts all the way up to our grand prize winner who will receive a $100 gift code!
Go here to Register for this event to win cool prizes!

Real Diaper Association Holiday Twitter Party
When:  Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Time: 9-10 pm ET
Hashtag: #clothdiapers #RDA
Who to Follow:@RDAHeatherMc, @RealDiapers, @EcoChicParties, @EcoChicSideKick and our sponsors @TheWillowStore and @fuzlife
Click here for more information on how to register to win prizes during this event!

Well, that's all I have for today dear followers!
Off to put up the Christmas Tree!


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