Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Belated Mother's Day to All!

Happy Mother's Day, I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday with their family and kids. I look forward to the day when my baby girl is old enough to make me Mother's Day presents like drawings or paintings. At church Sunday the Moms were given flowers to take home to plant, I have 3 and I hope that I don't kill them, I do NOT have a green thumb at all.... one is a Daisy of some sort and the other two are Begonias... so we will see if they make it!

Project Pete never ceases to crack me up. Again the other day I had him loose in the yard, well I went inside for a moment and when I did our little dogs wanted to go out to potty so I let them out. All of a sudden I hear our farm dog Joey barking, his, "Um people you need to pay attention" bark. I went outside and Pete was following the dogs along the front of the property, they like to potty across the street in the tall grass sometimes, don't ask me why. So, I yelled "Hey, what are you doing? You don't belong over there" and both Pete and the dogs came walking back to me... silly pony. He's starting to get more curious as he puts on more weight. Oh, almost forgot, he got his hooves trimmed about two days ago... but he was a little bit of a pain cause he didn't want to stand still... SO we will continue to work on that. I think the main problem was that they were outside with him and he thinks if he is outside he doesn't have to do anything. I always pick his feet up in the barn in his stall and he does ok there.... but I wasn't able to be out with him when he got done or I would have suggested it. I tried to add some Corn Oil to his grain to help him pick up more weight as well as help his skin but is gave him some loose stool so I stopped... bummer... trying to figure out what to do cause his skin is SO dry.

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Well that is all I have today dear followers!


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