Thursday, May 06, 2010

Go Home!

Okay, so yesterday I was at the house most of the day and I let Project Pete out to graze while I was working. He stays pretty close to the back of the house so  I figured he'd be okay if I took the mower and went up over the hill. I had been there for over an hour when I see Pete running down the hill. RUNNING! This was the first day that he wanted to run, it was amazing. He ran down the hill and stopped. I turned off the mower and sat there, in disbelief that A) he was running B) that he ran over the hill to find me and C) because I wasn't sure if he was going to keep running or not. I looked at him, smiled, and asked him, "What are you doing over here, you don't belong here?" Then I raised my arm and pointed towards the house and told him to "Go Home" at that he paused a second, turned, and ran off. I thought for a minute and was like Ok, Cool, but then I thought maybe I should ride the mower back to the house to see where he went. When I got there, I didn't see him anywhere, I was dreading that he passed the house and kept going. I looked around the yard, looked at the grass along the front of the property to see if there were hoof marks, nothing. I went towards the barn to get a lead rope, in case I needed to take off in the car to find him... and there he was standing in the barn, waiting for me. He just looked at me like "What, I did what you said. Now, feed me!" It was SO funny, he knew what time it was, came to look for me to "remind" me he was still there, and was ready for dinner. I was honestly in shock that he actually went home when I told him and that he was at "his" home, in the barn!

On another note, here are a couple photos of the new baby!

She is SO cute, not sure what we are going to name her yet.... we'll see!

On another note, I am totally excited. I bought some Rump Rub from Lil' Outlaws the other day and I am dying for it to get here in the mail! I had to put my baby girl in disposables for a day and every time I do she gets a rash when she poops. Well, I put her back in cloth, but it wouldn't go away. I had to put her back in disposables to use diaper rash cream because I didn't have any that is safe for cloth diapers... It is still taking FOREVER to get rid of it because she has to be in the disposables to use the cream, it will get a little better, then worse, then better, then worse every time she poops. I REALLY want to get her back in cloth so I broke down and bought some Rump Rub. I'll let you know what I think once we get it. I also ordered more Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent from Lil' Outlaws, I have already been using it and LOVE it. I got two different scents this time, I think I got Fruit Loops and a Cherry Pie something or other, I'll tell you the exact name when I get it. Currently I use the Millionaire scented detergent, it smells good, but I wanted to try something fruity this time around ;o)  

Something really cool happened at church last night. We were having our Women's bible study when a random lady shows up. She wasn't there for our group but was looking for something totally different. But it turns out we were exactly what she needed. God works in mysterious ways, I think he does it to keep things interesting, hehe!

Well, I better head out! Thanks for listening dear followers!


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