Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Well we had a pretty good Memorial Day weekend. Sunday we all went to church and the service was wonderful. Night classes were cancelled so that we could all enjoy spending time with our families... SO my hubby and I had a "Date night" while Grandma watched the baby! We went out to dinner then came back to the farm and took the golfcart around the farm, just going for a ride. We saw a beautiful young doe on the way home, tried to get a photo with the cell phone but not sure how well it turned out... Monday we worked a little bit around the farm then went home to relax. I set up a kiddie pool for Katelynn and she LOVED it, I think she played in the water for almost two hours before she was tired and want out for some lunch. I put her in a Haute Pocket shell without an insert and it worked out great as a bathing suit bottom. I slathered her with sun screen and made her wear a hat too. It was so cute, I had to add a picture of her! Later in the evening we had a cookout for dinner and our friend came over and made AWESOME Red Potato Salad, it was SO good that I brought leftovers for lunch today! I think she said that she used Mayo, salt, celery and a little mustard... IT WAS GOOD!!!!!!!! I'm thinking about making some in the future but adding boiled eggs to it too, YUM! After dinner my hubby and I decided to go Mulberry picking around the farm. We have Mulberry trees EVERYWHERE and right now they are all ripe with Dark Purple berries. My plan is to make a Pie, Cobbler, or some preserves. Well, we took the truck and parked it under a tree and began picking. Who knew it was going to be so much fun. My hubby picked with me for the first tree, but the trees after that he just drove the truck under each tree and sat and waited while I picked as many as I could reach from the truck.. then we moved to the next tree. He enjoyed being able to sit and look around at the horses and our farm. He said it was the first time in a LONG time that he felt Ok about spending time picking Mulberries instead of working on something that needed to be done... the farm has come a long way and he should be proud. I think it was really good for him to be able to relax, we have a working horse farm now... no major projects that need to happen ASAP, just projects that can be done when there is time and the supplies are in, no rush. By the end of the night I was covered in Purple from head to toe from the Mulberries from the top of the trees falling on me or me sitting on them as I got down from the hood of the truck. I have to say it was the most fun I've had in a long time, and I laughed histerically when I got home and saw myself in the mirror... my hands were almost black they were so dark purple... and my hubby had to help me out of my clothes and into the shower so I didn't touch anything and get purple all over the house... what a good laugh it was!

On a bit sadder note, this morning was rough, our filly that was born 5/3/2010 passed away in the night. She wasn't feeling well yesterday but I didn't expect her to be gone. We believe she had some birth defects from her Momma being neglected and starved during the pregnancy. The bigger she got the worse defects got. I will miss her... I named her Tamara's Destiny just a few days before she passed. She was such as smart little baby, and was doing REALLY well at learning how to lead. It broke my heart to see her Momma trying to get her up to nurse and then just standing over her, she loved her. This is the second baby we've lost this year and it just gets harder and harder. Its just not fair. For one, the mares shouldn't have been bred, both times the mares were starved. And it wasn't the foal's fault that they were brought into the world. Its just sad. I didn't think I had gotten attached to her and I tried not to, but she does hold a special place in my heart, she was my buddy... she didn't know a stranger and just LOVED to be rubbed... oh I will miss her sweet baby nickers, its just not fair... ugh...

Well, I better get back to work! See you again soon dear followers!


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