Friday, May 14, 2010

First Birthday Coming Up

My baby girl is turning One VERY soon and I need to start planning her Birthday party! I know I want to do a Mickey Mouse Theme since she just LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on PlayhouseDisney. Her Grandma even bought her a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal that she loves, well she loves his tail cause it hangs out the back of him and is interesting to her, hehe. Other than the whole Mickey Mouse Theme idea, I've got nothing... What do you do for a One Year old? Will she remember her birthday? Will she enjoy a party? I don't think I really care because we will have the memories and I think that is whats important.

As I type, I am looking over and I see the sweetest thing. My dear husband holding our daughter while she falls asleep. And on his face, sheer bliss...she make a bad day GREAT, she gives purpose to each day, she is his world. She falls alseep so much easier on him than in my arms. His arms are strong and comforting, its no wonder she crashes when he hold her.  It also helps that we have her Disney Lullaby movie on, it helps for those nights when she is fighting sleep really bad.

Project Pete has been doing so well that I decided to take him up to the big barn. He goes outside in the pasture for most of the day and comes in before dark. It seesms to be working out really good for him plus he has a Best Friend, her name is Lucy. They are like two peas in a pod and are usually no more than a foot away from eachother.

I'm sure there is more to type, but it is getting late and I am ready for some downtime then bed!
Goodnight dear followers!


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