Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winner Winner Winner!

Wow, I had one VERY lucky entrant in the giveaways this month. Rafflecopter uses Random,org to select winners for giveaway and one entrant was selected for both giveaways!

For the My Memories Suite Giveaway AND the JAWS Giveaway our winner was Rebekah W.!

Congratulations! I will be e-mailing you to confirm your wins!

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Making Progress

Big Sister had another visit from the speech therapist this week. She works really well with Big Sister and gets her to say new things so much easier than I do. Big Sister stayed on task the whole time and was just intrigued by everything the teacher was doing with her. She was repeating almost everything clearly and even said a new word I had never heard her say before, "turtle." I could easily understand it and she said it several times. She has even said it more times throughout the week when asked to say it on command. I am amazed!

Yesterday, Big Sister got angry with me because I made her sit at the table to finish her dinner, she wanted to take it to the coffee table to finish. She was crying as I put her back in her booster seat. I walked to the other side of the room to do something or other, with her still crying at the table. She looked dead at me and said "I want Daddy." WOW, a sentence! The she said it again, and again. I was so excited, but at the same time I didn't want to praise her for yelling at me because she was upset. 

Big Sister is quickly making progress and I am just SO happy for her. She is starting to communicate better and it has lifted some frustration she was having with me because I just can't understand her gibber gabber sometimes. I'm looking forwards to next weeks visit to see how she progresses further!

Have a wonderful day dear followers!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Speed Scrap Sunday vol. 1

Last Sunday I involved myself in a little activity that took place on the twitter feeds, Speed Scrap Sunday, with directions/instructions posted at 8:00PM EST by Jessica at @MyMemoriesSuite. It was a fun activity to give My Memories Suite v3 Digital Scrapbook software users ideas for new Scrapbook pages. Here are the instructions from last Sunday's Speed Scrap Sunday:
  1. Choose 2 Background papers.
  2. Choose 1 photo. Frame or Mat it.
  3. Make 4 rectangle strips of patterned paper. Place them so that at least part of your strips are behind your photo.
  4. Place 4 pieces of string or ribbon around your photo in some way.
  5. Add 3 embellishments around your photo.
  6. Add 2 additional embellishments and another piece of string or ribbon Not touching your photo.
  7. Add shadows, journaling, and anything else you want to make your page perfect!
We were experiencing a rough storm last Sunday, I skipped a couple steps to get my Scrap page done, but still had to shut down the computer before I had time to post to the blog. So, here is my fashionably late Speed Scrap Sunday page! 

Speed Scrap Sunday page from January 22, 2012

This Page wast made using ONLY basic elements of the My Memories Suite v3 Software. There are several kits you can download for free and some that you have to buy. I wanted to post a cute page that only included basic elements, so users could see that the basic program without any extra downloads still contains cute content to decorate your scrapbook pages!

Please stay tuned for more Speed Scrap Sunday events Sunday at 8:00PM EST, just follow @MyMemoriesSuite on Twitter!

You can purchase My Memories Suite v3 HERE! Make sure you use code STMMMS86739 at checkout to get $10.00 off the software! OR you can try to win a copy by entering my GIVEAWAY (ends 1/28/2012)!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Becoming A Mother Part 4

There were several events in our life that kind of put the whole "baby making" business on hold; however, once all the dust settled we picked up where we left off and moved to the next step. I was given the hormone shots once again and then scheduled for Intrauterine Insemination or IUI. This procedure was considerably less painful than I expected. I had expected the same pain as I endured with the previous procedure, but was pleasantly surprised when there was none. The waiting game was almost unbearable and yet again we were faced with more disappointment.

At this point my husband and I decided to take a step back and reevaluate our situation. We both decided to stop moving forward with treatments and tests. If God wanted us to have children we would. We left it at that and moved on. We both became busy and involved in our daily life. I was still depressed every month when it became very obvious that I wasn't pregnant. The reality that I would most likely not have a baby was becoming more and more intense, but I continued to keep busy and tried my hardest to put it out of my mind. 

As I look back and remember everything that was going on back then, I think that I tried to stay busy and convince myself that I wasn't upset about not being able to conceive (even though inside I was falling apart) because I didn't want to doubt God. I didn't want to be angry at Him for choosing a different path for me. I knew I needed to let go and put my faith in him, I just didn't know how to let go, nor did I want to. I wanted control over my life, I wanted, I wanted, I wanted, I wanted.

Looking back now, I can see clearly what was wrong with the whole situation, me. I wasn't doing anything except feeling sorry for myself. I wanted control, but at the same time I wanted God to help us. My faith was "supposed" to be in Him and yet I didn't pray. I pleaded but didn't truly pray nor did I thank Him for all that I did have in my life.

Several months passed and I got the call that my niece was born. I was SO excited and couldn't wait to meet her. The instant I met my sweet little niece I couldn't believe how tiny and perfect she was, I loved her instantly! My thoughts then went to the day my sister called me to tell me she was pregnant, I was so upset at myself for feeling so upset and jealous. My niece was such a blessing to my sister and to our family, but I had not even seen it that way at first. Where did this selfish person come from? I didn't like that person very much and decided that if I couldn't have a baby of my own, I sure could be the best Aunt ever!

If you missed the previous parts of this series, you can read them by clicking here:
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Then, Move on to Part 5!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bloggy Birthday Bash Sponsors

Welcome to Little Sister's Bloggy Birthday Bash Sponsor Page! 

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Becoming A Mother Part 3

The first round of hormone shots was disappointing, but still the doctor reassured us that this was normal and to try another round. Well, we ended up doing two more rounds of the hormone shots. Each time I had TONS of eggs show up on the ultrasound and each time my result was a negative pregnancy test. After the third try the doctor was finally ready to start running tests. They scheduled me for a Hysterosalpingogram (Uterotubogram) or HSG, which in short is an x-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes. They injected this dye in and then took the x-ray. Simple yes, but painful beyond belief! I screamed and was doubled over for about an hour. Some women have no problems, some have mild cramps afterwards, but me, I had serious intense pain unlike anything I'd ever felt before. They had suggested taking some pain medication before we arrived and I did, but it didn't even touch this pain!

I got over the pain, it went away after another hour. The point of the whole test was to see if there was something abnormal with my uterus or to see if I had an abnormality or blockage in the fallopian tubes. Sometimes, though the injection of the dye will actually unblock the fallopian tubes. When the results came back they were encouraging but disappointing as well. I was perfectly normal in there, nothing blocked or abnormal. So, once again, why wasn't I able to conceive?

I know what your thinking by now, what about your husband? Well, that was the next step. He went in to get his "stuff" checked out as well. Same results, encouraging but disappointing. There was nothing wrong with his baby making material and yet we still weren't able to conceive a baby. This just wasn't making ANY sense!

Around the time we found out there was nothing physically hindering us from having a baby, my sister called to tell me she was pregnant. As happy as I was to become an Aunt, I was equally as upset about my own inability to have a baby. I tried so hard to be cheerful with her on the phone and choked back the tears that began fill my eyes as I talked to her. Through the whole conversation all I wanted to do was hang up and crawl in a hole. Maybe this was a sign, maybe I wasn't meant to have babies, maybe my internal turmoil would be worth it, maybe I was meant for even bigger things. At least, I hoped there was a reason.

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Bloggers needed!

Diamond Candles ~ A Ring In Every Candle ~ Review & Giveaway Campaign

Open to the first 100 Bloggers. Once the list has been approved by the Diamond Candles Company, I'll ask you to confirm your mailing address for the candles to be mailed to you. The reviews and giveaways are asked to be completed within 30 days of your receipt of the product from the Diamond Candles Company.

Good Luck and Happy Reviewing!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


As you can tell I've been working hard on a new header! Hope you all enjoy it! I am working on a couple of cute things to spruce up the blog as well. Please check back soon for more blog updates!

New Button!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Sister's Bloggy Birthday Bash!

Little Sister is turning ONE YEAR old next month!

The Count Down Begins!

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

We are planning a Cupcake theme for Little Sister and I am excited about all the planning for her special day! She is such a sweet and energetic little girl, I am so blessed to have her in my life!

I'm also looking for Giveaway Sponsors For Little Sister's Bloggy Birthday Bash!If you are a retailer or manufacturer and would like to sponsor this event, please e-mail me for more details or Click here for the Sponsors page!

I will be posting a special Bloggy Birthday page for all the sponsors, so check back often to see what kind of goodies we'll be giving away for Little Sister's Birthday!
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Big Sister's Gibber Gabber

I had introduced Big Sister's New Chapter a month or so ago. I had had concerns about her speech. I was referred to an agency that worked with children under three and a schedule was set up for them to come once a week to work with Big Sister.

Well, Big Sister finally had her first speech therapy session today. She did very well and stayed on task the whole time. I talked to her teacher about my concerns as well as Big Sister's strengths and things she likes. I loved watching her work with Big Sister, it really helped me understand what kind of activities to do to help build her vocabulary. She didn't do anything but play with her and all the while she taught her so many things in just the first session, I was impressed. They looked at books and picture cards, she introduced her to some sign language, played with puzzles, and Mr. Potato Head. She put two words together "more cats" while they were doing a puzzle, which was very cool and her teacher was very excited.

There was one thing that has really stuck with me. The teacher asked me about when Big Sister started walking. It wasn't until 13 months old that she even tried to start walking, before then she was just content hanging out where she was set down or did her tripod scoot to get around. The teacher said that that may be a contributing factor to why her speech has been delayed. Evidently, around one is when the verbal skill start to want to kick in but because Big Sister was trying to walk, her motor skills put her verbal skills on the back burner. So, instead of focusing on talking, she was focused on walking. This made TOTAL sense and such a relief to me!

I'm very encouraged about the speech therapy and can't wait until next week's session! I'll keep you all posted as her therapy continues!

Have a wonderful day dear followers!

Becoming A Mother Part 2

I was very excited to start Trying To Conceive (TTC). Yes, I admit it was fun and I was giddy at the thought that one day I would have a precious baby in my arms. I starting tracking my temperature in the mornings and figuring out my optimal ovulation time. I even bought those sticks they make now that you pee on and they are supposed to tell you when you are ovulating.

Months passed, nothing. Every pregnancy test came back negative. I was disappointed, but understood that I was at a very busy point in my life and perhaps all the activity and stress was just preventing it. Well, months turned into a couple years of nothing. I had no idea that it would be so hard for me to have a baby. After the first year, it started getting to me a little. By the second year it was getting to me a lot.

My husband and I decided we needed help. We went to a doctor that specialized in reproduction and fertility. I was young, healthy, fit, the doctor was very positive that I would get pregnant, no problem. The first stage was hormone shots to help me produce eggs and ovulate. A couple days before I was supposed to ovulate they scheduled me for an ultrasound. I about fell off the table when they said I had about 9 follicles with eggs ready to burst. In my head I was thinking, With that many eggs I will definitely get pregnant and maybe even have TWINS! I was beyond happy... Until the day I took the pregnancy test, it was negative again. I was crushed, I felt like someone took a two by four to my heart. I just didn't understand why it didn't work, why wasn't I getting pregnant?

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Have a wonderful day dear followers!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Becoming A Mother Part 1

Deciding to become a mother and bringing a new life into this world should take a lot of thought and consideration. This is serious stuff, once you are a mother YOU are responsible for another person, a person that YOU created (with the help of a man and of course God). One would think that it would be easy to have a baby, especially when there are television shows called "16 and Pregnant" or "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant". I'm not going to lie, I thought it would be easy: Think about it, discuss it, make the decision, have a romantic night with the husband, and out pops the joy of your lives in 9 months. Right? WRONG! Well, maybe that is how it happens for some people, but not me.

There was a time when I feared that I would never be able to get pregnant. I was so sad, depressed, and anxiety ridden. I can admit that now, but I didn't dare talk about it then. I am a woman, I was built to have babies, women have been having babies since, well, FOREVER! Why was it so hard to conceive? Didn't God love me? Didn't He want me to be happy? Didn't He know that I could raise a baby to be a good person? Was God punishing me for the choices I had made in my life? All these thoughts and more bombarded my head every time I the results of a pregnancy test read negative.

I've put together this little blog series, Becoming A Mother, to encourage other women and to tell my story.

Click here for Part 2!
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Click here for Part 4! 
Click here for Part 5!

Have a Wonderful night dear Followers!


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