Thursday, November 11, 2010

Small Scare

Tuesday morning we had a small scare. I spotted a little, so I called the doctor's office. They wanted me to come in just to make sure nothing was wrong. So, I packed up the baby and headed to the doctor's office. They did a pelvic and found more blood, so they decided to send me over to the hospital to get hooked up to some  monitors, do some blood work, and get an ultrasound the check out the baby and the placenta. Luckily, nothing was wrong and my baby girl is growing as she should be. The whole time I was in to hospital I just kept thinking that she just wasn't ready yet, she had to be okay, and she had to stay in there a little longer. They sent me home with orders to "rest". No heavy walking, no picking up anything, including my 16 month old daughter, just sitting around... so not cool. So, today is day 2 of my orders to "rest" its been okay, but really weird... my baby doesn't really understand why I don't pick her up but she has been really good about it. I feel like my arms have been cut off. I'm supposed to be on rest for two weeks... if everything is good and I don't have any issues until then I will be off "rest". If something else happens then I will be put on "bed rest" which will be even harder than this "rest"... so I'm trying really hard to take it easy, relax, and not pick up my baby girl.

Just an update ;o) Thanks for listening dear followers,


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