Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paranoid, I don't like the Boogie Man!

Ok so last night I was messing on the computer, checking out various blogs and what know when I noticed our farm dog, Joey (pictured to the left) was barking, and not just barking to bark he upset. I looked outside but didn't see anything I went out with a flash light and he came to me, but then continued to sniff around, pace, and bark. I went back inside and locked the door, SOMETHING was out there and it was NOT going away. I sat in on the couch and I could hear Joey pacing and going from one side of the house to the other, then down by the barn, then back to the was intense. The odd thing was that ALL the other animals, the horses, donkeys, geese, etc. were ALL silent. Even when I had gone outside and talked to Joey, usually the Donkey's would have heard me and let out a loud bray, but they didn't. It was like everyone was waiting, waiting for something to happen. I was home alone with the baby and I was starting to get somewhat paranoid. Now, I like scary movies, they are cool and usually I don't have nightmares or anything like that. Well, as Joey continued to bark my mind started to wonder an I began to think about every scary movies I had seen about a woman being home alone, yeah, I was paranoid. He kept barking for over an hour, maybe two, I called a friend to get my mind on it but I was seriously having some anxiety, THE BOOGIE MAN was going to get me! My hubby finally got home, my anxiety disappeared and so did The Boogie Man. Joey had been successful in finally scaring off whatever was out there. I know better than to believe things from movies, but I could not stop my mind from wandering... just a couple days ago we were driving in the car and a car had stopped in front of us. I slowed down, but my hubby immediately reprimanded me for doing so and said to never slow down to keep going especially is I was alone or with the baby in the car. Evidently, there has been a gang in Indianapolis that has been setting up "fake" cars on the side of the road, its some sort of gang initiation or something. What they do is they take a baby doll, make it look all bloody, put it in a car seat in a car and stage the car in a remote area on the side of the road. When someone stops to help, usually a woman because of the baby, the gang member jump out and rape the woman, several have even been killed. SO, guess what else what going through my mind... this story, we live in a really rural area and I feel like it is pretty safe, but anything can happen anywhere, right? Well, nothing happened and whatever it was left and this morning none of my birds were missing, so its all good.

Must get going to work, will write more later dear followers!


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