Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Left Feet

Well today I really did not want to get out of bed... its been a  LONG weeks and today is supposed to be my day off. My baby girl on the other hand, I just can't get to understand that its ok to sleep in on our days off at the office. Well, since she was so insistent of being up at 8:00AM I was up and about. I started a load of her laundry and a load of her cloth diapers this morning and watched her play on the floor in the living room while I checked my e-mail and played Farmville. Yes, I play Farmville, such an addicting little game, ERG! Well, she was on the other side of the coffee table and started to get really quiet. I got curious as to what she was doing or rather what she was into. I walked over to find her face down, knees pulled up under her with her face resting on her hands. She was ASLEEP! The little booger had played so hard she laied down to take a nap. The sight made me laugh and I proceed to take a photo with my camera and send it to my family, it was just too cute. I picked her up and took her to her crib so she could finish her nap in a more comfortable setting.

While the baby was asleep I went out to visit Project Pete and to feed him and the Crew. As I was getting grain ready I kept hearing thundering hooves back and forth behind the barn. When I went out of the barn, Dottie, one of the young horses was running from the dry lot to the pasture and back. It was SO funny, it was like she was racing an imaginary friend. The other horses in the lot with her just watched her. You know when you where little and you pointed your finger at your head and moved it in a circle to say someone crazy... if those horses know how to do that, THAT is what they would have been saying about Dottie at that moment. I think she wants to be a barrel racer or something, she can turn on her haunches and go, plus she is a fast little booger. Well, Pete was outside grazing in the yard while I was getting things ready, I had to mix a couple bags of grain together in a rubber tub that I keep it in and he HEARD me mixing and came walking in the barn. The little nosy man would NOT leave me alone, lol, I had to put the wheelbarrow in the doorway to keep him out of the barn. I guess I am trusting him a bit more because today I let him out to graze with just a halter on, before I would leave a lead rope on him in case he didn't want to be caught, but he has been so easy and good I decided today that he really didn't need it anymore. So, when I had everyone fed and watered I went to go get Pete. He followed me in the barn and into his stall. I proceeded to grab the curry and brush his coat out a bit. His coat is FINALLY deciding to shed out and when I was done it looked like I had murdered a small bunny underneath him. I decided to try picking up his feet again today. He did better than last time, but still didn't want to pick them up for very long. He picks his back feet up much better than the fronts, which I found odd, but greatly appreciated. I picked out his feet the best I could then left him to finish his lunch. ....Didn't see Sheba today, but perhaps she will be there tonight. I did however remove her kitten from the hay and took care of its tiny body.

My day is just starting, not sure I will get back on and write more tonight, but I want to! Have a wonderful day my dear followers and God Bless!


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