Friday, April 23, 2010

Duck, Duck, Duck....Turkey?

Well, this morning was some what crazy. I went out to the barn around lunch time as normal to feed the crew. Well, my turkey was picking on the peacocks and wouldn't let them eat, so I decided she was big enough to be moved in with the other turkey and the ducks and geese. For some reason my turkeys are mental my Royal Palm Turkey was raised with two female African Geese and so, he thinks he is a goose. Well, you can't tell him he isn't one, he insists that the geese are his "women". Well I got this other turkey, I don't know what breed she is, but I had to take her, she came with the Peacocks that I wanted. So, now that she is big enough I figured it would be ok to move her. My Royal Palm would now have the right "woman" and my Peacocks will hopefully settle down some because the turkey was the one always making them flighty. So, I went into their pen and I was going to use a large blanket to toss on the turkey then pick it up. So I get her cornered and she flies over me, bummer... I had a blond moment and forgot that the door wasn't shut correctly, well the flock pushed the door open and out flies my Turkey, one of the Peacocks, and a Chicken. Oh NO! I have always been careful because I've been told that if your Peacocks get loose you can never catch them again. Well I was semi freaking out. My Peacock went outside the barn, but landed and stayed there... the Turkey perched in the barn and I was able to grab her by the legs and capture her. Phew... I moved her in with the Royal Palm and went back to get my Peacock. Now, this Peacock was raised from a baby and so far has not been outside. She ust kind of hung around, I tried herding her back to the barn, but she would get to the door and walk right past it and not go in. Well the Miniatures thought this thing was really interesting because I was following it around and proceeded to follow the Peacock around too trying to sniff her. Finally, I was able to get close enough to get down on my knees and grab her legs and captured her up. When I took her into her pen I set her down gently, but she didn't get up. I started stroking her softly and talked to her but she kept panting and didn't get up. I was thinking that I had made her go into shock and thought she might die on me, OH NO! Well I placed her feet under her and she took off walking. Tonight I went to check on her and feed Pete and there she was up and walking around just fine, PHEW! Pete was out grazing the whole time this was going on and would occasionally pop into the barn to see what I was doing, he was there for moral support, I think ;o) The easy part was getting the chicken because she is fat and a brick shy of a load, if you know what I mean... Anyways, everything turned out okay, but it sure did take up a little more time that I had wanted.

On another note, Project Pete is doing great. Every day he seems to have more and more personality. He went from just existing to living with purpose. Tonight he was even pawing the ground while I was putting his hay in the hay net (I had to start using one because he was spreading it all over his stall and pooping on it). The hay net is working out great and he isn't wasting the hay anymore.

Went to the office at the big barn today and bathed some horses, what an adventure. Ponies are not my thing normally. Miniatures, I love, Mustangs, I love, Regular Horses, I love, Ponies, not so much. They just seem to want to give you a hard time on purpose. The all seem to have bred to be mischievous! Anyways there were ten to bathed and move and ten were bathed and moved.

Well, last night I was really bummed. I had REALLY wanted to join the Twitter Party #GetRealDiapers hosted by @EcoMomMedia and several others. I was hoping to win some cool prizes or at least learn something new about cloth diapers. Well, I get everything set up and and ready. I figured out the Twitter Grid and everything was great. THEN the internet decided to hate me. For whatever reason it started bouncing from connection to no connection. I tried for over an hour to get connected to the Twitter Grid. Finally I gave up and went to bed... but it was SO disappointing! So, I'm hoping to be able to at least do the next Twitter Party... we'll see...

Today is my Wedding Anniversary. So far its been, well, pretty good... I can't complain. I feel good, I feel right where I'm supposed to be with the man I love and our perfect little baby girl! Life is Good! Life is Great! Thanks be to God! ;o)

On that note, I'm going to head to bed, its been a    l    o    n   g    day dear followers!


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