Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sick Fussy Baby

Well, this week my baby girl has been sick. She started coughing and a couple days ago her temperature went up to 99.2 degrees F under her arm when it is normally 97.6 degrees F under her arm. Made me nervous so I called the doc. Well the receptionist tells me she is going to talk to the doc and then call me back. So....... I wait and wait and wait and finally an hour or more later she calls back and they want to see her that day. Ok no problem... so we go in. My new issue with public places: Parents that don't wrangle their kids and let them RUN all over the place! These young kids, under 3, are running all over the waiting room, snotty noses, coughing, and touching everything AND everyone! No WONDER my child is sick, it seems like every time we go in for her Baby Well Check visits about a week to two weeks later we are BACK there because she is sick, probably something that she picked up in the waiting room. Can you guess when her last Baby Well Check was? Yes, your a genius, about a week and a half before she started getting sick! I try my very hardest NOT to let my baby touch anything in the waiting room and I DO NOT let her off my lap. But these uncontrolled children are running around spreading their germs and visiting everyone in the waiting room. The last time we were there some kids came over to us and tried to grab Baby K's bottle from her diaper bag. ERG! OK so back to our visit... I go into the exam room and wait, they send in a Nurse Practitioner... which I don't really trust much, EVERY time I've seen her she says the SAME thing like it is her auto response to "Why your baby is sick" no matter who you are, it sounds practiced and recited. ERG! So she tells me my baby girl has an upper respiratory infection aka a cold...ok waste of my time, WHY tell me to come in when you could have told me this OVER THE PHONE! I did feel better after seeing "someone" better safe than sorry, but geez. So I go home without a prescription or anything to help ease her symptoms. Poor thing has a nasty cough and is raspy (BUT the Nurse Practitioner said she wasn't) her nose is running and now the snot is green. This poor child is miserable and fussy. I have made attempts to help her out, Baby Vics on her feet and chest at night, cool mist humidifier at nights, nasal suctioning before eating, and Baby Zyrect at nights...

Oh exciting news, my cloth diapers came in, YEAH! But my hubby forgot to bring them home from the office, ERG, so I will probably make a trip up to the office to get them tonight, I'm too excited to wait for him to bring them home tomorrow night when he gets home.

I made a pretty good dinner tonight, Chicken and Rice Casserole. It worked out well, but since everyone likes more or less salt I didn't add any so that they could season to taste. I also made some Butter Pecan Cupcakes with Vanilla icing, yum! :)
Have a wonderful night dear followers!


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