Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty...

Well, today was somewhat busy even though it really wasn't supposed to. I went out to feed Project Pete this morning before church to find a black cat sitting on the hay. When she spotted me she jumped down and ran about 10 feet away then looked at me. I looked at her while I walked towards the hay, when I brought my head around in view of the hay I thought I saw the remains of a mouse she had caught. In the back of my mind I was thinking "Good Girl, you get 'em". Then I took a closer look, it was a kitten, tiny little body still wrapped in its sac with the placenta attached. She had given birth but didn't break the sac to free the kitten, perhaps from inexperience or perhaps it was still born and she knew that. She ran off once I got close to it and watched me from the other side of the road. I opened the sac and left the kitten there for her to see and to mourn. I got a bowl of water and some soft cat food that we had in the house, left over cans from when we used to have barn cats and put some in a bowl and set it on the hay with the water. Hopefully she will come back and decided to take up permanent residence in the barn. I need a good mouser around to keep the population down. I came back to feed Pete lunch but there were no signs of my new little friend. Pete was a bit antsy and wanted to graze, but it was raining and I had to get up to the office to take care of some things. About an hour ago I fed Pete his dinner and what do I see, a small black body moving away from the hay, the cat had come back! I think I'm going to call her Sheba, when I was younger I knew a dark colored cat named Sheba and this new little gal just looks like a Sheba to me ;o) I'm guessing that she is feral from the way she runs from me and the fact that she isn't in that great of shape. Hopefully, if she keeps coming back I can feed her a little and get her looking good. I've been wondering all day if she would come back and if she did, how many kittens did she have, and where are they? Cats normally don't just have one kitten, but all I've found thus far is the one dead kitten. In the morning, hopefully I will see her again and I will be able to inspect the barn for signs of kittens!

Well, once again a long day and I'm a bit tired... so good night my dear followers!


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