Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project Pete

OK, I've decided to call my journey with this skinny guy, "Project Pete"! Today I went out to the barn and yet again he was waiting for me, face pressed against his gate so that he could see me coming to the barn. He gave me another nicker and it melted my heart, he knew me. Instead of letting him out first I went ahead and gave him his grain, which he was thoroughly excited for. While he ate I got the feed ready for the rest of the crew (whom I'm sure you will meet in my future posts). After he was done I put on his halter and lead him out to the grass, he made it about four feet out of the barn and down his head went. He gazed while I fed the crew and then I grabbed my brushes and curry again. It looked like he had laied down over night to catch some Zzzs, and on the right side of his face had a manure mark on it, so I started there first. I got curious and grabbed the hoof pick and decided to see if he knew how to pick up his feet. He did, but he greatly exaggerated it and then pulled back and forth a little, saying to me that someone had wrenched his leg up super high and had not been very nice to him while trying to trim his hooves in the past. I worked with him for a couple minutes on both fronts trying to get him to just lift them up a little and let me raise them to the spot I wanted, which isn't very high. I think he'll get the idea in a couple days, but today's first lesson went ok. I decided to take photos like I promised. I'm trying to figure out how to post them as I speak... so please hang in there if I mess it up, I'm new to this blog thing.

Ok, if you can see the images to the left, then I did good and uploaded the photos correctly, if not, leave me a comment and please tell me how to fix it ;o)

As you can see (if I added the photos correctly) Mr. Pete is in serious need of some groceries! If you have never really paid much attention to a horse, I'll tell you what is wrong with this picture... Do you see how his back looks ridged and you and see a point and then a shelf, that isn't supposed to be like that. He is supposed to be rounded, you should not see his spine it should be covered with muscle and fat. You should not be able to see the bones it should all just flow nicely together. Pete unfortunately does not have anything that flows nicely together, except his mane, it is rather long and flowing for a horse that is this skinny usually their manes are brittle and break which leaves them with very little mane at all.

Over all though, he is doing well. Can't wait until he improves to add more photos! You won't believe the difference when I'm done with him! ;o)

On another note, my dear sweet sick baby seems to be doing MUCH better today, not much coughing or snotty nose today, which is a plus. I was able to go up to the office to get some work done, although right now I'm not getting any work done because I'm blogging... but as soon as I'm done, I will be working, hehe.

I guess that is all I have for today, hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Have a wonderful day dear followers!


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