Saturday, May 01, 2010

I finally figured out what I want to do!

Uhg, not sure what is going on today but my allergies have been acting up really bad. I took a Zyrtec and it seems to be helping but now I'm fuzzy like my head is congested, I hope I'm not getting sick. I can't get sick, I've got way too much to do. I had allergies a lot when I was younger and took Zyrtec before it was over the counter, but instead of every once and a while, I took it EVERY day. I never had any side affects or anything and it always worked like a charm. I was allergic to pollen, dust, mold, all animals, grass clippings, hay, stuff like that. Shortly after I turned 19 my allergies, along with my asthma seemed to disappear and I no longer had to take the Zyrtec or my asthma medication. I was SO happy, it was really hard growing up having these medical conditions, wanting to be like the other kids and do things the other kids could do, but being unable. I used to have to walk the mile in gym, not because I was lazy, but because if I ran my asthma would kick in and I couldn't breath. It STUNK big time! I am so thankful everyday that I no longer have these problems. I praying that Baby K doesn't inherit these traits... but at least I will know how she feels and be able to help her to the best of my abilities because I was in those shoes before!

On a brighter note, I've figured out what I want to do! I just have to figure out where to start and to convince my dear sweet husband that its a good idea! Keep an eye on the blog for my idea coming to life! You'll know it when you see it, plus I will promote it like crazy!

Project Pete has hit a tiny snag, he has some loose stool, not bad just not as firm as it was. I will be getting some Yogurt soon to try that on him, try to get some good bacteria back in his tummy. He still has a good appetite and is happy to see me, so that hasn't changed, which is good too. I took some pictures today, his winter hair is shedding, so is coat looks a little different. I was slightly bummed that his pictures didn't show a HUGE difference, but we are still early in the game. I also took a photo of where he lives so everyone can see his bedroom ;o) He seems to like it pretty good. He gets to go outside and graze while I feed the rest of the crew and then he is happy to go back. I'm trying to keep him calm so that he doesn't run off all the weight I'm trying to put back on him. Every day I love him more and more, it will be bittersweet when he is healthy and ready to find a forever home. Pete has so much potential and is just a doll, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body. 

Well, my baby is in bed, its been a long day, or week rather, and I'm ready for bed!
Good night and God Bless my dear followers!


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