Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reviews and Giveaways, here I come!

Ok, I know I'm new at this whole blogging thing, but I think I have figured it out pretty good so far. I was thinking today about how much I love other blogger's reviews and giveaways. I thought that it would be something I would like to do. There are so many different products I use on a daily basis and now becoming a Mommy has added even more to the list of products I use. I'm going to be contacting some places about doing reviews, hopefully I will be able to get thing rolling and get some good giveaways going on! I've always loved writing and this will help be tone my writing skills once again.

This past week has been gloomy and rainy. Where has the sun gone? Its like someone switched the sun's "Hide" button and forgot to turn it back on... will it ever end? Project Pete didn't get to go outside today and boy was he upset, but not too upset because his grain was still his #1 priority. I started him on some a product called Fiberpsyll made by Select the Best, last night. We live in an area where there is a LOT of sand, I figure that he may have picked up some sand out in the pastures. My hope is that if I get rid of some of the sand in his belly, it will work a bit better and he'll gain weight just a little better. Shortly after he finishes his round of Fibersyll we will try some plain yogurt to get some good bacteria back into his belly.

My baby girl is REALLY starting to say Mama now. Today we were in the office and she said Mama to get my attention because she wanted picked up, it blew my mind. It was just too cool! It is so amazing how quickly babies grow and how quickly they learn things. Its amazing!

Well, I off to research more review websites ;o)
Good night and God Bless!


  1. Thanks Veronica! I believe you are my first comment! THANKS! ;o) Kelsey!


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