Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Blessed to be with you!

Sometimes we stay after church for lunch. Our church does a carry in after services to help save money on going out to eat after church. Its a great idea, we always have great food and it is so much fun to talk to all the church members. Sometimes we are able to stay and sometimes we are not, this past Sunday we were able to stay. I was just getting in line and had grabbed my plate when a young girl came up to me, maybe 8 years old. I didn't recognize her so I asked if she was a visitor and she said yes, she came with some friends. I nodded and told her that was great and then she said the sweetest thing I think I have heard an 8 year old say. She looked at me with so much caring and compassion and said "Blessed to be with you". If it is possible, I believe that at that moment my heart smiled. Can you imagine if everyone treated each other like that and as we passed each other on the streets or in stores and everyone said "Blessed to be with you"? WOW! Now that is the kind of world that I would LOVE for my baby girl to grow up in!

Yesterday we had a baby horse, a foal, born. It was a little girl, filly. She is such a cutie and her Mama, Libby, is a great mom. She is much bigger than any of the babies we've had in the past. She doesn't look like she was just born, she looks about 1 week old already. I will post pictures as soon as I can. She is just  doll. We are lucky that she made it. Her Mama came in with a group of neglected horses, many of the mares that were pregnant delivered prematurely and the babies didn't make it because they were so underdeveloped. She was the only one that was born full term and healthy. We will be thinking of names for the new little one in the next couple days... I want to see what type of personality she has.

Project Pete is loosing his hair on his face, I think it is from the lice he used to have. They are all dead now but the hair is just rubbing off. Right now he sort of looks like a freak of nature with a half bald face... but it will grow back ;o) He got to go outside for a long time yesterday, which he loved, of course. I gave him a bath two days ago with an Oatmeal shampoo to help his dry skin. If anyone has any REALLY good horse shampoos for dry skin, please tell me or if you sell some, maybe we can use that as a Review and Giveaway?!? That would be fun! Well, anyways, Pete wasn't too fond of being sprayed with the hose, but after a while he got used to it. We just had to do a couple circles until he got used to it, nothing too bad though. He is such a sweet little guy. I swear I'm going to have him bomb proof by the time I get his weight on... he didn't get too upset when I sprayed his backside off with the hose, which I thought would have invoked a bigger reaction but didn't. He had just an awesome personality, and there really isn't another word to describe him.

Great news, I had my first comment on my blog, YES! Thank you Veronica from the Mom Bloggers Club!

Well, that is all I have for right now!
I'll write again soon dear followers!


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