Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Becoming A Mother Part 2

I was very excited to start Trying To Conceive (TTC). Yes, I admit it was fun and I was giddy at the thought that one day I would have a precious baby in my arms. I starting tracking my temperature in the mornings and figuring out my optimal ovulation time. I even bought those sticks they make now that you pee on and they are supposed to tell you when you are ovulating.

Months passed, nothing. Every pregnancy test came back negative. I was disappointed, but understood that I was at a very busy point in my life and perhaps all the activity and stress was just preventing it. Well, months turned into a couple years of nothing. I had no idea that it would be so hard for me to have a baby. After the first year, it started getting to me a little. By the second year it was getting to me a lot.

My husband and I decided we needed help. We went to a doctor that specialized in reproduction and fertility. I was young, healthy, fit, the doctor was very positive that I would get pregnant, no problem. The first stage was hormone shots to help me produce eggs and ovulate. A couple days before I was supposed to ovulate they scheduled me for an ultrasound. I about fell off the table when they said I had about 9 follicles with eggs ready to burst. In my head I was thinking, With that many eggs I will definitely get pregnant and maybe even have TWINS! I was beyond happy... Until the day I took the pregnancy test, it was negative again. I was crushed, I felt like someone took a two by four to my heart. I just didn't understand why it didn't work, why wasn't I getting pregnant?

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