Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Big Sister's Gibber Gabber

I had introduced Big Sister's New Chapter a month or so ago. I had had concerns about her speech. I was referred to an agency that worked with children under three and a schedule was set up for them to come once a week to work with Big Sister.

Well, Big Sister finally had her first speech therapy session today. She did very well and stayed on task the whole time. I talked to her teacher about my concerns as well as Big Sister's strengths and things she likes. I loved watching her work with Big Sister, it really helped me understand what kind of activities to do to help build her vocabulary. She didn't do anything but play with her and all the while she taught her so many things in just the first session, I was impressed. They looked at books and picture cards, she introduced her to some sign language, played with puzzles, and Mr. Potato Head. She put two words together "more cats" while they were doing a puzzle, which was very cool and her teacher was very excited.

There was one thing that has really stuck with me. The teacher asked me about when Big Sister started walking. It wasn't until 13 months old that she even tried to start walking, before then she was just content hanging out where she was set down or did her tripod scoot to get around. The teacher said that that may be a contributing factor to why her speech has been delayed. Evidently, around one is when the verbal skill start to want to kick in but because Big Sister was trying to walk, her motor skills put her verbal skills on the back burner. So, instead of focusing on talking, she was focused on walking. This made TOTAL sense and such a relief to me!

I'm very encouraged about the speech therapy and can't wait until next week's session! I'll keep you all posted as her therapy continues!

Have a wonderful day dear followers!


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