Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Becoming A Mother Part 5

After my niece was born, I was at the stage where I kind of gave up having a baby. I tried to find things to replace the baby I couldn't have. I decided to raise chickens and ducks. I got a puppy, our farm dog was old, we weren't sure how much longer he was going to live and we desperately needed to have a dog in place to follow his footsteps. I later bought a couple calves to raise for freezer beef. I got them as young as possible so that I could bottle feed them and take care of them like a mother. At the time I didn't realize I what I was doing, but now it seems to obvious. I was so proud of my "babies" and worked hard to make them the best they could be.

Late Spring, Early Summer of 2008 I was surprised when my period was a couple days late. I took another pregnancy test thinking "whats the point" but I got a faint positive line. Was I pregnant? We waited a couple more days and I took another one, negative.  I don't know whether or not I had been pregnant but the egg didn't "stick" or if I had bought a faulty test. I didn't really care, it gave me hope. Hope that a having a baby was still possible for me.

In the fall,  I got sick and had to go to the ER for fluids. I went through a couple rounds of medication and it seemed to fix me right up. I didn't jump back into my busy world like I usually did, but instead took it slow. 

Around mid October 2008 my period was late again. My husband I had ran to the grocery store and while out picked up a test. He couldn't even wait for the groceries to be brought in, he made me rush and take the test. I  took the test and set in on the counter. I looked away, hoping not to "jinx" it. I stood over the counter and looked at the test. It was a very strong positive! I was in shock, was it true? Was I pregnant? I went outside to help my husband, who had started bringing in the groceries. He stopped and looked at me. I smiled and said "I'm pregnant."  I think he almost passed out, and he sat on the ground against the tires of the truck to take it all in. When he got himself together he got up and we hugged. God had answered our prayers, we were going to parents.

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