Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Random Update

Just wanted to send a quick update! I've been trying out different cloth diapers on Little Sister for the Newborn Fluff Challenge and its been going ok. I've ordered a couple new ones to try as well and to help build my stash. It's been rainy here lately so I haven't been able to sun my diapers which is a bummer, but I'm dealing with it. I've been using Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent the cloth diapers and LOVE it so far. I had written a review on this product when I used it on our bed sheets, however it has proven pretty good for our cloth diapers as well!

Big Sister and I had been going outside before all the ran came. She LOVES the horses and instantly wants to go see them. Hope you enjoy the photo to the left of her hanging out with my hubby's horse. She has no fear and goes right up to the horses and wants to touch them. Hopefully, we can get her up on her pony this summer! That will be super exciting, can't wait to take her on the trails with me, although that probably won't be for quiet a while or at least until I get her pony used to the trails first and all the "scary" things that he might see along the way. We shall see!

Have a wonderful night/morning dear followers!


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