Saturday, March 19, 2011

One Year Anniversary

Oh my goodness! I have been so busy with the new baby that I had totally forgotten that March 8th was my ONE YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY! I'm still trying to get into a schedule and unfortunately my organization skills aren't quite top shelf...yet.

When I had my first daughter (back then I called her "Baby K" instead of "Big Sister"), everything was new, a bit crazy at times (which was mostly due to my hormones, it probably wasn't really crazy, I just thought it was because I was "overly sensitive"), but it all worked out. I wasn't sure what I was doing about 15% of the time, but I figured it out fast and it all turned out good. I got lucky and by the grace of God, Big Sister was the "perfect" baby, easy to please, always happy, not clingy at all, and slept great right off. She was just perfect! Big Sister was what I like to call "The Sucker Baby". "The Sucker Baby" by my definition is the baby that is so good, so perfect, that it sucks you in so you have more babies. If this blog were a comedy TV show they would insert a scene right about now depicting Adam and Eve looking up to the clouds as the booming voice of God thundered loudly "Be fruitful and multiply..." taken from Genesis 1:28. Big Sister is just that a "Sucker Baby". Little Sister has, so far, proven to be a bit more difficult than Big Sister. We are still working on sleeping schedules, I would LOVE to get my 8 hours of sleep again, not sure when or if that will happen but I'm hoping so. She doesn't seem as happy and smiley all the time like Big Sister was and she seems to have less patience for me if I'm slow at making her bottle or changing her diaper. She is way more clingy than Big Sister and some days I just can't put her down or she will cry. Little Sister seems more gassy and spits up more than Big Sister ever did. Please take this the wrong way! I love both my babies tremendously and wouldn't trade or change them for anything! I know they are different people and everyone ALWAYS says that all pregnancies and babies are different... I just never thought mine would be, I don't know why, it seems silly but I think I was secretly hoping for Little Sister to be "Big Sister: The Clone Sequel". I guess that now I'm realizing just how different they are going to be as people, which is pretty cool and exciting now that I think about it!

Now that I'm starting a new chapter in my life and a new year of blogging here at Rural Mama's Sandbox, I thought I would share My Goals for the Blog this year:

>> To post to my blog more frequently - Last year I posted 49 times, this year I want to at least DOUBLE that with interesting and fun post!
>> To increase my followers - I currently have 12 followers, whom I love dearly, however I want to gain 10 times that many by my 2 Year Anniversary!
>> To do several product reviews AND giveaways - At least one per month starting in April
>> To have guest bloggers post about  parenting subjects relevant to my blog - I'd like to find bloggers from different age groups to get their perspective on similar issues.
>> To inspire other moms or moms to be out there! I will never know if I achieve this one, but it will ALWAYS be part of my blogging goal!

Well, I have successfully stayed up way too late!!!

Thanks for sticking in there with me dear followers!


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