Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Splashing into Spring

So, March 21st I did some "Spring Cleaning" out in our barn. I hadn't been out there so quite a while, since before sometime in October I believe. My dear sweet husband has been taking care of the animals while I've been out of commission. While I was still taking care of them myself I had started letting my chickens free range outside of their coop and run, but I would pen them up over night. Well, my dear sweet husband just let them run loose ALL winter. They seem to have tried roosting in EVERY possible spot in the barn, leaving a nice big mess EVERYWHERE, but I can't blame him he  a great job keeping them fed and watered all winter. Since we've been having warm days I been itching to clean up around the barn. I've been taking Big Sister for walks and recently decided to do a little cleaning here and there when I could find time to get out there on my own.

On the 21st I was able to get out for a long period of time. I bathed our pony, both miniature horses, fixed one of the auto waterers so that it wouldn't leak everywhere, distributed salt and mineral blocks, cleaned up the duck area and filled up their kiddie pool. I'm not sure why but I have an obsession with poultry and ducks/waterfowl are my favorite! Unfortunately, the other day I lost my Pekin Duck, however I still have the Pekin Drake, a Black Swedish Duck, and a Rouen Duck. I know this is probably going to sound odd, however, my African Goose and my Royal Palm turkey tom also live with the Ducks.

After I finished filling up the kiddie pool the ducks and the goose were extremely excited and jumped right in. Normally, I empty the kiddie pool before winter so the bird don't get stuck in the pool and free to death. So, it was like I had given a child chocolate after not having it for a long time. Here are several photos of the goose that I took with my cell phone!

3/21/11 - Female African Goose


I just love watching them play in the water!
Hope you enjoyed the photos dear followers!


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