Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monkey Joes in Castelton

I know I haven't been posting about the girls nearly as much as I should. We have been SO busy and it seems like I keep having to put the blog on the back burner! While I was writing the First Watch Review and Giveaway, I mentioned going to a wedding in Indianapolis. Well, before the wedding we needed to wind the girls down a little, so we decided to take them out and about for some FUN!

My Aunt, who lives in Indy, told me about a place called Monkey Joe's, located in Castelton.
This place is AMAZING for kids! It is a giant room filled with a bunch of inflatable slides, jumps, and obstacle courses. We stayed for about 2 1/2 hours and my girls had a BLAST, I can't wait to be able to take them back!
Check out these fun pictures of the girls enjoying themselves!

3 and under area, Little Sister stayed here the WHOLE time!

Obstacle course, Big Sis was a little uncoordinated but it was cute to watch the other kids help her!

Slides, This was Big Sis' FAVORITE!
Monkey Joe's has several locations all around the US, so check out their website and see if there is a Monkey Joe's near you!

Prices are pretty good too:
Monday-Thursday $8.99  
Friday-Sunday $9.99  
2 years and under (if playing) $4.99 
Adults are FREE (as all kids must be supervised)

I hope you are enjoying the summer dear followers!


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