Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Yum Yum Review!

Last Summer I had the privilege of reviewing an awesome little snack bowl from Yum Yum Dishes. Well, as if their bowls weren't awesome enough, they redid their design to include a plastic lid for the bowl. So, now I can get my daily snacks ready ahead of time and either store them on the counter or in my refrigerator sealed to prevent spills!

With the new lid I can save my Pineapple snack for later!
Sealed and ready to chill in the fridge!
Having the plastic lid has been a huge help and was a very smart move for the Yum Yum Dishes! I have to admit that I grab my new Yum Yum Bowl with a lid more frequently than my original Yum Yum Bowl with out a lid. I can easily plop my snack in my purse and take it with me on the road. No need to stop at gas stations where I would be tempted to over snack on unhealthy foods.

And, as if the new Lid wasn't cool enough, Yum Yum Dishes has added a new product to their list of awesomeness! Yum Yum Dishes now has a 9 inch plate to help with portion control at meal time!

The 9 inch plate is perfect for meal time. The plate has dotted lines to mark out portions for your protein, carbohydrate, and vegetable. At first I was a little wary at the portion size, I love to eat and limiting my intake kind of turns me off. I was surprised however that once I finish my plate I am satisfied, it has just perfect portions for a meal.
9 inch plate from Yum Yum Dishes

Ready for dinner!
The 9 inch dinner plate is also PERFECT for salads! I  used the portion lines to help measure out my Lettuces/Veggies, Grilled Chicken, and Croutons with Dressing. It give me just enough to make a nice and satisfying salad for lunch! The only thing that I would suggest they need to change is the color of the dotted lines on the plate. They are yellow and kind of blend in, I would suggest orange or black.

Overall, I am very impressed with the change to the bowl by adding a lid as well as their new product the 9 inch plate. I recommend them to anyone looking to loose some extra pounds by portion control rather than limiting the types of foods and snacks they can have!

Cost: $24.00 for set of four 4 ounce bowls with lids, $34.00 for a set of four 9 inch plates
Where to Buy: Yum Yum Dishes Website - ENTER Code: RURAL20 at check out to get 20% off your order of Yum Yum Dishes! Code expires 3/19/2012
My Rating: A $$$$
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Disclosure: I was sent a 4 ounce bowl with a lid and a 9 inch plate to review. I was not compensated in any other way. Opinions in this post are mine based on my experience and use of the items. I nor Yum Yum Dishes guarantees any weight loss results from the use of these dishes nor do we guarantee that you will like them.


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