Thursday, February 16, 2012

Words Words and More Words!

Last week we had to cancel Big Sister's Speech Therapy session because she wasn't feeling well. A flu bug went through the whole house. At first I thought that Little Sister and I wouldn't catch it, but the inevitable happened and I fell victim to the bug followed by Little Sister, who is now finally at the end of the "nose crustys." Although Big Sister was sick the previous week, she still threw some new words at me almost every day. It seems like finally she is making a connection with communicating and getting what she wants or getting attention. She has learned the word sandwich and the sign for sandwich, which she loves to use. I love watching her do it. I've tried to teach her Banana but she does a funny rolling hand gesture for Banana. The therapist says that its okay, if that is the sign she wants to use, then let her!

This week's session went very well. As soon as the therapist walked through the door Big Sister plopped herself down on the floor in their "normal" spot to play. I was pleasantly surprised to hear 2-3 word phrases come from her! The coolest was "Two Black Cars!" AMAZING! The more the therapist works with her the more she seems to get her to say. When I would try to use to similar techniques with Big Sister, I only got about 40-50% response out of her, but she gives the therapist 80-90%. I'm guessing it's because I'm Mom. She figures I automatically know what she wants, thinks, needs, and feels because I'm "Mom." And, most of the time, she's right, but the rest of the time we just frustrate each other because she won't talk, hence the need for the therapist.

We learned a new sign this week, the sign for Yogurt. I'm excited about using that one at lunch tomorrow and see how quickly Big Sister catches on. She seems to like to do motions while saying the word, I think it helps her focus a little better. The therapist says that she knows a lot and knows a lot of words but it seems like her mind is working so fast that she just rambles on in a bunch on gibber gabber. Most of the time you can pick up one word or part of a word at the beginning or the end of her gabber. I'm supposed to work with her to try to get her to slow down the gabber and repeat any words I hear her say during the gabber. My husband is a little afraid of trying to slow her down. She is just like him and his mind goes a mile a minute. Every event and decision is a game of chess in his head and he figures out at least 10 different outcomes for everything he is involved with. He wants her to have that ability it and to learn to use it. He isn't quiet sure that trying to slow her speech won't mess up her ability to think fast. I understand where he is coming from, but I also know that communication is a key part in our society and if she doesn't learn good communication skills she is going to have a hard road ahead of her.

Well, I better head to bed! Have a wonderful night dear followers!


  1. i love hearing little ones say new words! im a new follower and im trying to catch up on your posts, so sorry to ask, but why are you having a speech therapist work with her? i hope that doesnt come off rude, just curious :)

    1. Lexi! Thanks for following my blog! I agree, new words are SO much fun to hear! I was concerned that she was a little slow developmentally on her speech. I was noticing kids younger than her and kids her age that talked much more and much clearer than she did. If you go to the December post, Big Sister's New Chapter ( it should explain it!

      Thanks again for following!


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