Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rockin Green REMIX Review & Giveaway!

Okay readers you have NO idea how excited I am! I had the AWESOME privilege of reviewing Rockin' Green Cloth Diaper and Laundry Detergent's new REMIX formula! In case you aren't familiar with Rockin' Green, here is the low down on this awesome detergent:

Rockin' Green Detergents "are safe for you and the environment. Rockin’ Green is: Dye free, Comes in several yummy scents (& an unscented version for sensitive skin), No fillers, No enzymes or optical brighteners, 100% Phosphate free, Vegan, Great for sensitive skin and much much more."

"Rockin’ Green LLC was born out of necessity."

Rockin’ Green was founded in 2009 by Kim Webb, an avid cloth diapering mom who desired a better way to clean her cloth diapers and to treat her son’s sensitive skin issues.

Rockin’ Green manufactures three types of detergents, including:
♦ Hard Rock (for hard water systems, which can be the most troubling water to
deal with),
♦ Soft Rock (for soft water systems or babies with very sensitive skin), and
♦ Classic Rock (for normal water conditions or those with moderate hard water

Rockin’ Green also comes in several yummy natural scents!

♦ Smashing Watermelons: Juicy watermelon blend that smells like real
♦ The Green Tea’s: Zen-like blend of green tea and aloe
♦ Rage against the Raspberry: Raspberry and sweet honey blend
♦ Mötley Cleän: Fresh and clean-smelling blend has hints of ocean, fresh linen
and sunshine
♦ Lavender Mint Revival: Melody of lavender and mint
♦ Mighty Mighty Marshmallow- Sweet sugar and vanilla
♦ Earth, Wind, & Orchids: Flowered with inviting hints of tartness, floral, woods, honeysuckles and sugar. 
♦ Bare Naked Babies: Unscented – you’ll just smell your baby’s sweet smell
All scents are made with 100% natural essential oils and are organic.

Now that you know all the specs, here is what I thought of the new Remix Formula!

As if Rockin' Green wasn't awesome to begin with, they reformulated it and made it BEYOND awesome. If there is such a word for beyond awesome I have no idea what the word would be, but I'd like to call it Rocksome, hehe! As you may have read in my previous review about Rockin' Green, I love it! I have used the old Classic Rock formula in the Rage against the Raspberries scent and the unscented Bare Naked Babies. I have also purchased the Funk Rock Ammonia Booster, which I love and can't get enough of! It is a great addition to my pre-wash routine. For this review of the Remix Formula I chose Classic Rock once again, but this time I tested out the Lavender Mint Revival scent. When I opened up the package the scent was pleasing. It sort of smelled like a Mint Herbal Tea. I liked it, I just didn't love it as much as I LOVE the Rage against the Raspberries scent. I will probably not choose the Lavender Mint Revival again in the future, however if you like the natural herbal type scents, then it is the one to go with. I noticed a slight difference in the softness of my diapers after the first wash with the Remix formula. I could tell a drastic change from the first was to the second wash. ALL of my inserts and my minky diapers were SO much softer to the touch and everything smelled fresh and clean! I knew that the Rockin' Green would clean my diapers great, I was just in shock at the softness, they almost felt brand new right out of the package again! Thank you Rockin' Green for going above and beyond once again!

Overall, as you can tell, I am extremely pleased with the performance of this detergent! Please check out Rockin' Green and see for yourself how Rocksome it is!

Cost: Small - $13.95; Large - $22.95 (Price per wash is about $.13 per load!)

Where to Buy: You can buy Rockin Green Cloth Diaper & Laundry Detergent on their website:

My Rating: A+ $$$
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Rockin' Green is graciously offering up a 45/90 load bag of detergent in the winner's choice of scent/formula to one luck Rural Mama's Sandbox's lucky reader's
This giveaway ends Thursday July 14, 2011 at 11:00PM EST. The winner will be selected by and notified by e-mail as well as their First name and Last Initial will be posted on my blog.

Have a Great Day dear Followers!

Disclaimer: I received 3 samples of Classic Rock REMIX Formula in Lavender Mint Revival Scent to review. I was not compensated for this review and this review details my personal opinion and experience using the product.


  1. hope to try some rockin' green soon! Great blog! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Lara and Stacy for the comments! I am trying to really get the blog going good, hoping to get some more really cool reviews up as well! I LOVE Rockin' Green too!


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