Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's Do The Cha Cha

Okay, I feel OLD! I now realize that I am no longer one of the cool young kids. I do not know the coolest gadgets nor the coolest web sites, etc. I was recently introduced to ChaCha by a 13 year old! What is ChaCha you ask? Good question, because if your like me you didn't know about this AWESOME site on the web! Do you ever come across a question that you wish you had the answer to right this second, just because you were curious and didn't have access to the internet or books? Well ChaCha is your new best friend! Many of us text now, even I do which is saying something cause I normally dodge the phone like the plague. You can text questions to ChaCha (242-242) and within seconds you get the REAL answer!

I recently texted ChaCha the following question: How many bones are in a horse?

ChaCha's Answer: 205 bones make up a horse's entire body. 80 of those are in the legs!

SO, not only did I get my answer but a cool little fact as well!

I also asked: Who was the 20th President?
(I am not a history buff, so I had no idea)

ChaCha's Answer: James A. Garfield

My Question: Who was the youngest person to climb Mount Everest?

ChaCha's Answer: BBC: 05/22/10 13-yr-old American Jordan Romero became the youngest person to scale Mount Everest.

Anther great thing about ChaCha is that it is free to use! ChaCha does not charge anything for it's services. The only fees you have to worry about are the Message and Data Rates from your service provider.

Have fun doing the ChaCha dear followers!

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  1. I have never heard of that site and I'm a fairly young mom. I will have to try this out. I'm sure its probably easy to get carried away with it! :)


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