Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cloth Solutions Review & Giveaway

For quiet some time I've used tampons when the "time of month" comes along. Of course, as most Mom's know, you can't use them after you give birth. The doctor's want new mother's to wait about six weeks postpartum to use tampons again, so you have to resort to other methods of protecting your panties. The only solution I knew of was to buy heavy duty, overnight, extra long pads for the first couple weeks postpartum, then use smaller heavy regular length pads. With Big Sister, I didn't seem to notice any issues with the disposable pads. I'm not sure what has happened to my body chemistry, but after Little Sister was born I had a LOT of issues with disposable pads. Maybe this is too much information, however, the plastic type stuff disposable pads are made from just doesn't like my skin now. The insides of my legs and the areas around the outer edge of the pads felt chaffed and itched badly! I was going CRAZY using the disposable pads. After my six weeks passed I naturally switched back to my trusty tampons, but even those just didn't feel "right", not horribly bad like the pads, just not "right".

As I've stated frequently in my blogs, I love cloth diapers. I love to enter giveaways for cloth diapers and I love try out new cloth diapers on my girls. While I was reading through a cloth diaper blog I came across an article that introduced me to the wonderful world of "Mommy Cloth" or Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads. It was actually an article about how the Cloth Pads are great to use not only for menstruation but incontinence as well. I felt like such a ding dong! I cloth diaper my girls, yet I never even thought about the possibility of there being a cloth alternative for me as well.

Next, began my journey of learning what types of Cloth Pads, fabrics, absorption, all the fun little details. I didn't know where to turn first, there are SO many options on the web. I finally came across a Shop on Etsy that had all the things I was looking for: Zorb, Bamboo Cotton, and a hidden layer of PUL to prevent leaks.

Cloth Solutions is a lovely Etsy Shop owned by a Mother of 5 from Boise, Idaho. When it comes to her Etsy Shop, JeanAnn has two top priorities:
1. Quality. She use the highest quality materials available. She pays attention to detail. Her motto is, "Don't sell what you wouldn't buy yourself".
2. Customer Service. If you are not satisfied with her product, let her know. She will continue to work with you until you are.

Her store features hand made eco-friendly items, including a large selection of Cloth Pads. She keeps her prices reasonable, has custom order slots available, and offers Free Shipping for select items to U.S. customers!

For this review, JeanAnn sent me a 7 inch Pantyliner and a 9 3/4 inch Medium to Heavy Flow Pad from her Cloth Solutions Etsy Shop to review. When I took them out of the package I couldn't believe how cute and soft they were! 

Earlier this month I was able to review the Cloth Pads. I'm not sure what the weather's been like around other parts of the US, but I live in Southern Indiana and it has been pretty HOT this past week. I was a little reluctant to wear them while I was out working in the barn because I was afraid they would make me extra hot and sweaty. I was pleasantly surprised when everything stayed cool and comfortable. They sort of felt like wearing really thick panties. There were no awkward, embarrassing, crinkling or swishy noises like disposable pads as I moved. I also experienced no chafing or itching like I had been with the disposables, which was SO nice and such a relief! The outer shell is made out of fleece I believe and it really helped keep the pad from sliding. The neat little snap also helped it stay in place. I was somewhat concerned that I would be able to feel the snap, but I couldn't feel it at all. Even as I sat up and sat down I couldn't tell that there was a snap. The fabrics seemed to absorb well and I didn't have problems with leaking, although I have never really had a super heavy flow. It was also comforting to know that there was a layer of PUL in the pad to prevent fluid from leaking all the way through as well.

Overall, I had a great experience using these Cloth Pads from Cloth Solutions. They are really well made and I can tell they are going to last for a long while. I highly recommend giving Cloth Pads a chance!

Cost: $15.00 for Custom Resusable Sampler Pack (3) Pads with Pul and Zorb up to $30.00 for
Custom 6 Pack of Handmade Reusable Mama Pad (Heavy Flow) with Zorb and PUL and Free Shipping in the US
My Rating: A+ $$

JeanAnn from Cloth Solutions is providing her Sample Pack as a giveaway for this review! The Sample Pack includes one 10" heavy pad, one 8" medium pad and 1 panty liner!
This giveaway ends Tuesday July 5, 2011 at 11:00PM EST. Entrants from the US Only! The winner will be selected by Random.org and notified by e-mail as well as their First name and Last Initial will be posted on my blog.

I hope you enjoyed my review dear followers and good luck to all the giveaway entrants!

Disclaimer: I was provided 2 cloth pads by JeanAnn of Cloth Solutions to review. The information written in this review are my thought and opinions only and I was not paid to say anything in this review.  JeanAnn from Cloth Solutions nor I claim that this product will work great for everyone.


  1. I am also new to 'mama cloth' as some would put it...and I LOVE it. So soft. No chemicals. Awesome Possum =)

  2. Very nice blog on cloth solutions reviews. It is very an informational blog. I just love your openion. Awesome and knowledgeable blog.


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