Monday, August 20, 2012

Organizing Life: Clothes Baggies

 I have been searching for different ways to organize my world a little better. I've started a Home Organization Binder (I will give you more details later) and it came in handy this past weekend. I had set up meal plans and the girls' schedule were laid out while I was away for a Women's Church Retreat. Daddy didn't have to guess which food to feed the girls while I was gone which meant less stress for everyone.

I had also found a photo on Pinterest that suggested packing your kid's outfits in individual baggies for vacation trips, so you can just grab and go and not have to search out outfits in a suitcase. I wish I could remember where that photo came from, however, I just remember the concept. Well, I applied that concept to help my husband while I was gone. Since I normally make sure the girls are dressed, my husband is not super familiar where I keep the girls' clothes and which closes go to which girl. So, I decided to make life MUCH easier by setting up separate labeled baggies with outfits for each day, P.J.s, as well as an "extra" outfit in case they got dirty.
This plan worked out PERFECT! Less stress on Daddy AND the girls were clothed comfortably and matching the entire time I was gone. From now on I will ONLY use this method to pack for the girls, it worked out so well! Totally GENIUS!

Hope you all have a wonderful week dear followers!


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