Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kids and Animals

My girls are attracted to animals like magnets! There is something about fur and feathers that sends their kiddie radar threw the roof. Little Sister always feels the need to try to chase my birds when she is out and Big Sister "needs" to grab a hold of and carry around any barn cat she can catch. Their father and I both have a love for animals as well and encourage their interested in them (minus the chasing).

Last weekend Goodies in Princeton, Indiana, a small town near by, invited a Traveling Petting Zoo to visit the public. We were able to stop by both Saturday night and Sunday after church to visit with the animals. The first animal we saw when we walked up as a beautiful Camel named Adar. He was a gentle giant. Big Sister and I were able to take a ride on the poky old guy Sunday! Saturday the first thing we did was get our pictures taken with a Lion Cub! I could not believe now much Little Sister's face lit up when the worker brought the cub over to sit in Big Sister's lap! They were both VERY excited! We continued on after our picture was taken with the cub, we looked at the White Tiger, Black Leopard, Ponies & Mule, Monkeys, Lemurs, Kangaroo, Siberian Tiger, Llamas, Miniature Cow, and Goats. Oh the GOATS! They had several pigmy goats that my girls just adored. They had grain available to feed the goats, so of course we HAD to feed to goats. The girls were just mesmerized by the little goats, I would almost bet that we spent 85% of our visit in front of those goats! I guess this means that we will be looking for pet pigmy goats in the near future, hehe.

We all had a great time and it was a fun little family outing. In the back of my mind I was using this as a "test run' to see if the girls were ready to go to the Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville. From our experience last weekend, I would say that they are definitely ready and I can't wait to take them!

Here are a couple scrapbook page that I put together of our visit to the Traveling Petting Zoo using My Memories Suite v3, enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend dear followers!


  1. Sounds like y'all had a great time. Cute pictures, by the way!

    1. Thank you and Yes, we did have a GREAT time! I am REALLY looking forward to taking them to the Zoo one of these days, if we can steal Daddy away from Work for a day! :)


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