Sunday, January 03, 2016

My Journey Has Begun

Yes! My Cize and Shakeology Challenge Pack showed up just in time for me to start my fitness journey on January 1st! The Pack came on Dec. 31st and I was headed over to visit my Mom when I noticed the box on the porch. I decided to take it with me and check it out when I got there. When I arrived, I decided to pop in the first Cize dvd to see just what I got myself into. The first workout wasn't too bad, really easy pace, moves were demonstrated and explained well, and they gave you plenty of time to get the hang of it before moving on to the next move. My mom even liked it, she wants to schedule a day or two to dance.... I mean Cize, with me ;) So, to me, this is a winner!

I'm also so excited my mom got us a blender for Christmas because it made making the Shakeology shakes a piece of cake and yummy! I've been playing with it for the past three days.

Jan 1
I started out making a Strawberry Lemonade shake... Added Lemon Juice, a bit of Honey, Water, and Ice to my Strawberry Shakeology mix. To be completely honest, it wasn't great. I think I added too much water and ice, it watered it down and didn't taste that great, however it wasn't horrible and I drank the whole thing. To my surprise, I felt awesome. I had more energy than I've had in a long time. I took down our Christmas tree amd Christmas decorations, cleaned, reorganized, and vaccumed the living room with tons of energy to spare.

Jan 2
I decided to skip the ice and cut up and froze a banana and some blueberries instead. I added those to my water and Strawberry Shakeology mix and it turned out rather tasty. The shake was thick and creamy and delicious! I also had even more energy than the first day. I decided I wanted to move the girls' bedroom into the playroom, move our room into the girls' room, and move the playroom into our old room. I got everything done except vaccuming our old room and moving the girls' toys into it done.

Since I mastered the Strawberry shake combo I changed it up and went with Vanilla Shakeology mix, water, and a cut up and frozen banana. Amazing! I think I'm going to like having shakes for breakfast now! This new found energy is great, I woke up refreshed this AM and got out of bed easily. After church I was able to finish the remaining movement and cleaning to transistion  our old room into the playroom.

I probably could have done more, with all the extra energy I had but decided to hang out and spend time with the girls before Big Sister has to go to school tomorrow.

Have a blessed Sunday dear followers!


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