Sunday, December 27, 2015

Join My Challenge Group

Hello dear followers!

I am feeling so confident in my Beachbody Challenge Pack, I would love to invited YOU to join my Challenge Group! Having a Challenge group is a great way to help keep yourself accountable for your New Years Fitness Resolution!

What is a challenge group?
A challenge group is an online support system to go along with the purchase of your challenge pack and the challenge group is FREE. The challenge group is an added bonus that allows you to SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE that challenge you, encourage you and believe in you.

Where is the challenge group?
The comfort of your own home and on your own schedule. No appointment necessary. The challenge group is hosted through a private facebook group page that allows you to check in when you need encouragement or accountability and to inspire those needing the same.

When does the next challenge group begin?
The next group opens up on January 6th (in 10 days) so catch up with me now to get all the information and details about your customizable challenge pack options.

What is a challenge pack?
The challenge pack comes with a dialed in nutrition plan, Shakeology: healthiest meal a day, fitness DVD set and calendar to follow all in one convenient package.

I am currently working on the Cize and Shakeology Challenge Pack. Check out this video to learn more!

If Cize isn't what you are looking for, have no fear! There are so many different Challenge Packs to choose from!

If this sparks your interest and you'd like more information, please feel free to email me at

coachkelc at gmail dot com

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and hopefully I will meet up with you in the New Year for my Challenge Group!


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