Friday, January 29, 2016

Busy Mom Breakfast

Hello Dear Followers,

 I am so glad to be back at writing again! I love being able to tell you what I'm up to. A couple posts back I told you about a couple Shakeology recipes I had tried. The key for me is definitely the frozen banana, it makes the shake thick and smooth just how I like it. 

It has been a lifesaver this past month and I don't know how I ever functioned without it! My energy level is so much better than it has been in such a long long time,

 Shakeology has become my Busy Mom Breakfast! 

 My shake takes literally a few minutes to whip up and I have a full healthy meal in a cup that I can take with me on the go . Is that not completely awesome or what? I have also been seriously impressed at how well it has upped my milk supply, which has helped me breastfeed my son even longer than I thought I'd be able to. With Big Sis, I stopped producing at 2 weeks. With Little Sister, I stopped producing at 1 month. Lil' Man is almost 4 months old and we are still going on strong! Talk about awesome! 

Another really cool thing that I have noticed as well, has been my resistance to colds. Since drinking Shakeology I haven't been sick, not once, not at all, not even a little! This is Cold Season, Big Sis brings home who knows what in the way of germs from school and I have stayed healthy. I am pretty sure that the nutrients in the shakes have helped boost my immune system, a side effect I am not complaining about at all!

I am now on my 2nd month of Shakeology, the first month I tried the Neopolitan Combo pack which included individual packs of Chocolate, Tropical Strawberry, and Vanilla flavored Shakeology. The Chocolate was a little too intense for me, but I loved both the Strawberry and Vanilla flavors. My girls have been extremely impressed with the Strawberry as well, they beg me for a cup ALL the time now. 

This month is my second month of using Shakeology, I am working on a Vanilla bag instead of the individual packs again. I think next month I may switch to the Tropical Strawberry bag, just to give myself a little change up. Changing flavors is super easy, Beachbody has a quick little form I submit before my order ships and they will change my monthly flavor to whichever one I choose. 

If your a busy mom that could use some extra energy and a quick healthy breakfast each morning, but no time to fix on for yourself, THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED! Yes, I am shouting, and I'll do it again. 


Feel free to email me at coachkelc @ gmail dot com for more information, OR you can click here to jump on over to my Shakeology website

Have a wonderful day dear followers and Shake On :)

Disclaimer: Yes, I added a LOT of affiliate links. Yes, I did it on purpose. I want to encourage all my followers old and new to get healthy and give Shakeology a try! I do make money but it doesn't affect your orders if you choose to buy, it just helps me bring in a little income to help provide for my family :) Also, this post was meant to tell you how Shakeology has helped me, I wish I could guarantee it for you as well but I can not make those claims since I am a regular person and Shakeology has not been evaluated by the FDA.


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