Monday, January 25, 2016

Fitness Confession: 10 pounds down but at what cost?

It has been a month since I started my Cize & Shakeology Challenge Pack. I wasn't sure how it was going to go, I didn't know if I was doing the right thing, I felt guilty about taking care of me, but I was excited. I was excited I finally decided to take control of my life, my health, my fitness, for my family.

This excitement quickly diminished after the 2nd week. I was in pain. My body felt broken. I felt defeated. I didn't realize how much abuse I had put my body through until the pain came screaming back at me during each workout. I tried pressing on, no pain no gain right? But it got worse. I had to stop, I missed a day, then tried again... it was bearable so I did the workout again... next day I skipped... next day I skipped again... next day I could workout again. I felt like a failure like my body was completely betraying me. I wanted this to work so bad that failing this so soon was depressing.

It took me a couple days to realize that I wasn't failing. I was listening to my body and doing what I could. I was doing something, which was more than I had been for the past year. I was still drinking my Shakeology every day. I was still watching my portions every day, I just couldn't perform the workouts every day.

Thankfully, I had a check up with my doctor scheduled last week. I told him everything I was doing as well as my concerns. Evidently, exercise is the best thing I can do
right now. We discussed some options for the pain and I was sent home with a new outlook.

Failing would have been throwing in the towel and stopping everything. Failing would have been taking steps backwards instead of keeping the pace and trying to move forward. Failing would have been not seeking my doctor's advice. Failing would have been hiding behind the keyboard and keeping this confession to myself.

And despite it all when I stepped on the scale I was absolutely shocked that I had lost 10 pounds.10 pounds, just doing what I could do!

So today, this is my confession but it is also my hope that it becomes your inspiration. Keep it up and fight the fight. You are winning even when it feels like you are not. You are winning by just doing!

This experience has reminded me so much of what I need to do in my faith and my relationship with God. Some days I get so caught up in what I am not doing, what I should do, that I forget to remember what I have done and what I am capable of doing now even if there are things I can't do or that I don't know. God sees my efforts and knows my heart. I just have to keep up my fight for him and search for him.

Have a wonderful day dear followers!


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