Monday, May 27, 2013

Standlee Hay Product Review

At the start of this blog I wrote about several horses we have around the farm. My husband and I spend a large about of our time taking care of rescue horses. We both have a great passion for horses and horses are what brought us together! So, when I was contacted by Standlee Hay Company, Inc. to review their Hay Products I was over joyed because the review would directly benefit one of our rescue horses!

"Standlee Hay Company, Inc. is a leader in the hay industry and proudly produces premium quality western hay forages and hay forage products.  They offer a complete line of baled hay forages, bagged forage products and other find products to make consumers feel confident that they are selecting hay forage products that are Pure, Natural and Nutritious for their animals." -Information provided by Standlee Hay Company, Inc.

Standlee Hay Company, Inc. has several different types of forage for sale designed to help feed your animals as each has different needs and circumstances. Their focus is on alfalfa, timothy grass, orchard grass and mixes of alfalfa/timothy and alfalfa/orchard grasses, however they also provide beet pulp, whole oats, and even horse treats. Their hay products come in cubes, mini cubes, and pellets.

Blade, our review subject for Standlee Alfalfa Hay Cubes!
Blade's topline
When feeding rescue horses, particularly those that are elderly with teeth issues, we like to feed hay cubes. I decided to check out Standlee's Alfalfa Hay Cubes for our elderly horse, Blade. Blade is a 28 year old Thoroughbred/Quarter Horse cross. He raced for several years before be retired to enjoy trail riding, mounted posse, and 4-H. Blade's previous owner had several life changes that made it impossible to take care of her horses, so she donated Blade and his buddy Sabrina to the horse rescue. Blade has proved to be quite the hard keeper. We have tried a lot of things to keep weight on him, regular deworming, teeth floating, and different diets designed for elderly horses. Out of all the horses on the farm, Blade is fed the MOST feed. The only thing we have not tried yet, is hay cubes!

Blade munching on cubes!
Blade LOVES his Standlee Alfalfa Hay Cubes! He can chew them easier than regular grass or alfalfa hay, as it is soaked in water before consumption. I actually believe he looks forward to them at breakfast and dinner time and although it may appear that it is not a large quantity of food, once it is soaked and expands the amount is amazing and the quality is great. We have tried other brands of Hay Cubes with horses in the past and the Standlee Alfalfa Cubes take a shorter amount of time to soak and expand completely. I am pretty sure it has to do with some of the binders that the other companies use to keep the cubes in their compact square shape.
Dry Standlee Alfalfa Hay Cubes
Soaked Standlee Alfalfa Hay Cubes (Half Eaten, lol)
Blade has not been on his cubes for a long enough time to see big results yet, but I can tell that they are helping little by little. I will be updating you all throughout his progress. The older the horse is, the harder it seems for them to put weight on, so it may be a couple months before we will see the noticeable difference that we are expecting from the Standlee Alfalfa Hay Cubes.

My Rating: A+ $$$
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Cost: 50 pound bag Alfalfa Hay Cubes were $12.99 in Evansville, Indiana. Prices may vary depending on the state in which you live. Contact your local feed store. 
Where to Buy: Standlee Hay Company makes it easy to fine a retailer near you, click here to find one through their website tool! Our local Tractor Supply Company in Evansville, Indiana had the best selection of Standlee Hay Company, Inc. products. 

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Have a wonderful day dear followers and don't forget to hug your horse!

Disclaimer: Standlee Hay Company, Inc. provided me with $120.00 worth of their hay products in order to provide this review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are 100% mine based on my personal experience with their product. I, nor Standlee Hay Company, Inc. makes any guarantees about this product. I am not a veterinarian, so please consult with your animal's veterinarian before making changes to their diet or implementing anything suggested in this post.


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