Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Blues

I have never really been "into" Valentine's Day. Growing up my Mom would always get us something special and it was nice, but I never really had too many high expectations, even after I married my husband. This morning didn't exactly get me all that excited about the day, if anything I kind of dreaded it.
I woke up to the sound of the girls running around the living room, then I heard it. The worse phrase ever, "Mommy, Sissy pooped on the floor, Mommy Sissy pooped on my bed,"
I jolted up stairs thoughts racing through my head, "Please don't sit on the couch, please don't sit on the couch."
The girls came running up to me with grins on their faces, Little Sister completely naked. "Mommy Sissy pooped on my bed."
I went into their room to find a pile on the floor, thank God it they don't have carpet and it misses the rug, and streaks of poop all over Big Sisters bed. I turned and grabbed Little Sister and took her to the bathroom to clean up. Afterwards, I stripped Big Sister's bed and cleaned up the mess on the floor.
"Wonderful, great start to Valentine's Day." I thought in my head.
The rest of the morning did go rather smoothly and after we went to the Library, I had a brilliant idea! We could meet Daddy for lunch! I stopped into the Dollar Store and bought a couple roses for the girls to give him. He was glowing as the girls gave him the Valentines that they had made at the Library and Big Sister handed him the roses. Score one point for Mama, it was awesome. We ate at the mall, the girls rode the carousel, and then I took them to play in the play zone at the mall. Overall, a pretty awesome Valentine's Day, one that I will remember for a long time, especially the look on Daddy's Face!
I hope you all had a Blessed Valentine's Day!

Good night dear followers,


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