Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mommy Brain Strikes Again

Mommy Brain: The condition by which a woman looses the ability to achieve or remember every day events or actions and somehow does incredibly silly things instead. Symptoms may include but are not limited to putting a non refrigerated item in the refridgerator like her keys, going to the cabinet and pulling out the wrong item for a task then going back to replace the item only to question the entire reason for opening the cabinet again even though the wrong item is still in her other hand, or freaking out because she lost something only to find it exactly where it is supposed to be or in an incredibly rediculous location. The onset of this condition is often the result of pregancy and intensified by the delievery of the baby. No cure currently exsists, symptoms may intesify or decrease over time but that time is unknown at this time.Treatment: rest and relaxation. Good luck with that one, especially after the baby is born.

That being said, enjoy my freak out of the night...

I decided to throw the blankets and sheets in the washer tonight, from the master bed. I separated them and decided to throw the blankets in first. Well, I wasn't paying attention and as I was putting a clean fitted sheet on the bed I realized that I couldn't remeber where I put the remote. My first thought, surely I flipped it off the bed, right? Wrong. Not on the floor or under the bed. My husband sleeps with the tv on, I had to find that remote!

Oh No!

 I ran to the washer and proceeded to pull two soaking wet king size blankets out of the washer. Do you know how heavy and award 2 soaking wet king size blanket are, to pull out of a top loader? Much heavier and awkward pushing them back in after rumaging through them and finding nothing, that's for sure. Phew! That was a close one. Now where could it be... I looked around the washer thinking maybe it fell before I put the blankets in. Then I remebered the sheets, again I rumaged through desperatly. Which, by the way was tremendously easier than extracting and replacing the two soaking wet king size blankets.

The clouds parted and behold the remote was tucked into a corner of the fitted sheet, Score!

And no one but you dear followers have to know that I almost drowned the poor helpless remote. This secret is safe with you, right?

Have a nice night dear followers!


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