Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 2013 Blog Hop

a mom blog community!

Join Me Over at BloggyMoms! I meant to add the January Blog Hop in January, but I must have forgotten. Anyways, jump on over and check out the AMAZING blogs they have listed, written by MOMS! I'm listed at #207 and there are many more below my post as well, so there is a plethora of blogs to choose from and read!

I have already taken an interest in several today! Here are a few I selected to read, just because of their interesting title:
#92 You Are The Roots - Cute blog! And oh my the food this little boy eats, amazing, very talented mama!
#144 The Chicken Chick - I have followed this blog for a while but wanted to throw it in anyways, she has GREAT tips on rasing chickens!
#170My Craftily Ever After - She had me at "Craft," anything to do with crafts immediately peeks my interest. I love her simple but cute blog design. It was easy to navigate and I love all the pictures she includes in her posts!
#294 Growing Kids Ministry - GREAT resource for teaching kids about God! Love it! And there are some funny things throw in as well!
#344 Painting With Picasso - So touching! Great gift of words! I am truly in awe.


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