Thursday, May 03, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Go Go Natural

Our third and final Sponsor Spotlight for the Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway is Go Go Natural! They are sponsoring a Blueberry Trainer for one lucky winner!

GoGo Natural is an online one stop shop for all your cloth diaper needs. From newborn to potty training, Go Go Natural has is ALL! Go Go Natural was "built empower women to live their dreams of financial prudence with good environmental stewardship."

Check out this mini interview with Meredith, the mom and mastermind behind Go Go Natural!

Kelsey: What makes selling cloth diaper special to you?
Meredith: I love saving the environment and money. My real passion is meeting with mom’s individually and helping them set up their stash and plan for the arrival of their baby.  Letting them know there are other moms out there for support & where to find them.
Kelsey: What was the first cloth diaper you purchased?

Meredith: I am so sentimental – I even have my receipt, lol! A Happy Heiny sized pocket diaper, 1 bumGenius 2.0 one-size diaper, 1 dozen green earth prefolds, 1 bummi cover, 1 wool cover, 3 pack of snappis.
Kelsey: Do you have any favorite cloth diapers? If so, what brand(s) do you like most and which color/prints do you love? 

Meredith: My favorite diapers are the Fuzzi Bunz perfect size (crushed berries & spearmint – all-time favorite print was the daisy on red) My favorite one-size diaper is the DinkleDooz in pink.
Kelsey: What do you think is the biggest pro to using cloth diapers? The biggest con? 

Meredith: Saving money biggest pro, biggest con would be how easy it can be to talk oneself out of using the diapers if they get leaky, stinky, etc. All easy fixes you just have to have the drive & correct info to persevere.
Kelsey: If you could give Moms one tip to help them succeed in using cloth diapers, what would it be? 

Meredith: Don’t be too worried about ’ruining’ your diapers. They are your diapers & you can honestly do whatever you want to them. The best thing is to be educated on if I do xyz than xyz will happen to the diapers.  I think many get caught up in manufacturer warranty rules & often don’t find the necessary solutions to cure the ‘stinkies’ or the ‘leakies’.  If you find yourself in a bind – honestly email me I would love to help you succeed with your diapers. Let’s save the environment together, one diaper at a time.

Connect with Go Go Natural!

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